Cupcakes for My Best Friend's Birthday

Today is Karin's birthday. She's one of my best friends. We've been friend since we were cute, yes, in our elementary school, back in 1980. We went to the same SD, SMP, different SMA, got together again in university, although different faculty. Then, I worked as a banker, while she became a journalist.

We shared so many precious moments together. The good one, the bad one, we got all. Actually, this circle of best friends consists of three persons, Karin, Tutu ( a very- busy- full-time-mom with two children) and me. We used to hang out together. Enjoying a midnight chat. Sharing our 'jomblo' era together. Then we entered a new very important phase in our life, I got married in 2002, Karin in 2003, and Tutu the last one in 2004.

Next, Karin got a scholarship to study abroad. We kept contacting through e-mail. After a year, she returned home with great enthusiasm and big plans for her future. Unfortunately, God had other plans. Suddenly, she suffered from a serious illness. Thank God, she recovered (bravo!!) and finally got pregnant. Now, she has a cute baby girl, Aisha, the apple in the family.

To date, after 28 years (dear God, is it that long??? Time flies...), we still see each other. Of course, not as often as in the old days. We usually have a date on lunch time and the topics also has been changed. No more talk about broken hearted, new boy friend, and stuffs like that. Similar with other 'emak-emak', we start talking about our childrens, our baby sitters, the expensive diapers and milk, etc.

People said that it's hard to get a true friendship, therefore, I feel really blessed to have this 28-year-old friendship. I always hope that this friendship will be lasting forever. Amien.

*Dedicated to Karin, happy birthday and also for Tutu, thanks for being my best buddies all this time.

**the cupcakes are ordered from here.

***the picture of cupcakes' taken from here.