Is there any correlation between getting older and feeling reluctant to have fasting break in a mall?

It happens to me lately. I could not stand the crowd in the mall during Ramadhan month and all what we call it, hustle and bustle.

It's really different with my condition in the old times. Every time Ramadhan came, I was always very excited, my schedule was full with the appointment to have fasting break with my friends in the mall rather than having fasting break at home with my family (see, what an 'anak gaul' I was back then).

The situation is totally different now. I think this 'reluctant' feeling came when I finally have my first daughter (after waiting for 3 yrs). I guessed it's all started there. I was so happy to be blessed with children, if some other mommies having 'a baby blues', it surely did not happen to me, in fact I had 'a baby pink' syndrome, crazy about anything in pink color *excuse*.

To date, every time the office hour ends, I automatically tidy my desk, turn off my PC, grab my handbag, run along to the train station and get the earliest train that I can catch up with. Yup..., I now change into a 'home sweet home' lady.

Next week, my office will have a fasting break for all employees and I already feel not so enthusiastic about it. I don't know, if the Event Organizer provide a door prize, either a plasma TV or METRO voucher, perhaps I could give a second thought to join it.