Mini Shopaholic

New year's atmosphere has already come. It's here. I feel it. But, instead of doing some reflection or preparing a new year resolution, I enjoy this day by reading Sophie Kinsella latest book. Although I am not into chiclit, but these shopaholic series are too good to be ignored. I read all books from the shopaholic series and always cekikikan then and there.

This time Becky Brandon is back with her 2-yr-old daughter, Minnie Brandon. At first Becky thought it is easy to be a mother and she is excited to have Minnie as her shopping partner for life. But things not always turn out as she plans. From Minnie's attitude, financial crisis, a surprise party and many more, Becky stories never fail to entertain us.

This novel has already been translated in Bahasa by Gramedia on December 2010.

Quote of the Day

We must never stop dreaming
Dreams provide nourishment for the soul
Just as a meal does for the body

(The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho)

The Wind-up Bird Chronicle

Wrapping up this end of year with one of the best of Haruki Murakami's works. This is the last Murakami's book in my bookshelf *sigh*. I guess I need to wait for his newest work impatiently.

The story is as stunning as usual. It's about an ordinary-30-something guy, Toru Okada, who experienced 3 losses in his life which are his job at a law firm, his wife's cat and the last one his wife herself. In searching the missing cat and his wife, he encounters a group of bizarre people and things. Beside those bizarre stuff, it is also told that the main character, Toru Okada likes to climb down to a dry well in the neighborhood. He stays there for days to think and finally meets a very strange experience. What do you think, is it weird enough?

If you love Murakami's works, you will enjoy this book since there are lots of bizarre stuffs. They are just too bizarre until you are confused either they are real or only imaginative. No need to think about that. Just read the story carefully and absorb the details. At the end of the story you will realize that you have gone through a fantastic experience.

Mesmerizing. Fascinating. Murakami at his best.

December Books year is coming to town. It's time to list down my favorite books in 2010. While arranging the books list I bumped into tons of books that have not been read yet. Some of them are even still wrapped in plastic *sigh*. Yep..the urge of buying new books sometimes (or should I say 'very often') is just so unbearable *excuse*. No wonder that I keep buying books although I realize that at home I still have a lot of books to read.

If in the old time I used to read one book until finished and not reading a new one before it reached the ending, but not now. Currently I adopt my hubby's habit which is reading this book a little and before finishing it, I have already chosen another book, until I finally realize that I read 4-5 books in the same period. Since I am not young anymore, once in a while I find myself not remembering the content of the book and need to reread the book from the beginning. Uhm...perhaps that's one of the cause that slow my reading ability or again...another confession, the older you are, the slower you read:)

Dongeng 7 Menit

Choosing children story books are not an easy thing to do. There are certain things to note, such as: the illustration, the content and also the way the authors tell their story. Sometimes I find a book with beautiful illustration but the story is not too interesting for children or the other way around.

Until one day, a friend suggested me to buy Dongeng 7 Menit series written by a popular author, Clara Ng. The series consist of 7 books. I bought one book, checked the content and the illustration and at last showed it to my girls, Najla and Zea. Fortunately they love it. I am sure most of children will love these series since they're written down with interesting stories and colorful illustration. Clara Ng tried to modify our traditional stories e.g. Si Kancil, Wayang, Dewi Sri, etc, with current condition and I guess she did an excellent job.

Yesterday I went to Gramedia Grandy, enjoyed a 30% discount and bought the other 5 books of the series. My girls were super happy. Busy with their new story books. They did have a great time. It's just a perfect year end gift.

Habibie & Ainun

Terima kasih Allah, Engkau telah menjadikan Ainun dan saya manunggal jiwa, roh, batin dan nurani kami melekat pada diri kami sepanjang masa dimanapun kami berada

An extraordinary love story of our former president, Bapak Habibie and Ibu Ainun. Their 48 years and 10 days of marriage life is a very good example for us. Some people say that marriage is not a simple thing. This statement is clearly not for Bapak Habibie and Ibu Ainun. They enjoy their marriage. They adore each other. They respect their partner. Their love remain unchanged.

Don't imagine this book as a romance book. This is not a simple book to read. The flow is a bit slow. At the beginning of the book, it tells more about our country condition, Indonesia. How Bapak Habibie was recalled from Germany by our former president, Bapak Soeharto, to go back to Indonesia. How Bapak Habibie transformed from a technocrat into a politician and how he actually felt about it. Their intense love stories can be read in the last two chapters when Ibu Ainun was hospitalized in Germany for two months and at last passed away there.

I read these last two chapters carefully and I could feel that love was in the air. I am totally touched. Even the doctors in Germany who took care of Ibu Ainun truly impressed by the way Habibie and Ainun interacted with each other. A beautiful love story. A blessed love. Splendid.

Batik Najlazea: December Collection

Need a new batik blouse? Get bored of your old batik collection? Well, it's just the right time to check Batik Najlazea December collection. Batik lovers, take your time and choose your favorite here.


It's stunning to watch a one year journey of four babies from around the world. From their first breath until their first step. We will go around the globe to watch the babies from Namibia, Africa to Mongolia, continued to Tokyo and ended at SanFrancisco, USA.

It's interesting to watch Namibian and Mongolian babies spending their time outdoor. They play with their brothers and also the animals cheerfully. While Japanese and American babies mostly stay at home with many kinds of toys, once in a while their parents take them to the play ground or join a play group.

Babies will never fail to entertain us. Look at their cute faces, they immediately transform the peaceful feeling. From these four babies, I learn the definition of happiness. Looking at Namibian and Mongolian babies, with very limited facilities e.g. toys, but it seems that doesn't reduce their happiness. They're the happy-go-lucky babies. While Japanese baby sometimes gets cranky, perhaps she gets bored of having stayed at home without any friend. Just a simple comparison. However no need to look for happiness, it is simply in our hearts not elsewhere.