Our Drama Queen

Both of our daughters, Najla and Zea are big fans of hot sweet tea. They drink it like....everywhere, at home of course and even when they eat out in a restaurant. Several weeks a go we browsed around one of the shopping malls in South Jakarta and decided to have lunch in one of the restaurant there. As usual Najla and Zea ordered hot sweet tea, well...not really hot actually, they asked for warm sweet tea.

After waiting for quite sometime, the tea finally came. I grabbed the tea cup and felt it was so hot. I warned Najla and Zea to wait couple minutes before they drank the tea. Najla listened to her mom's warning and focused on her food while Zea seemed couldn't wait to sip her tea. Suddenly we --and the whole people in the restaurant-- could hear her scream, "panas...lidahku sakit.."

The screaming and the crying went on like... forever, nothing could stop her. Although the waiters seemed very sorry and asked for apology and directly changed the hot tea into a new warm sweet tea, but the damaged was already done. When the waiters saw that the new drink didn't give any good, they changed their strategy. They talked to Zea and offered her fresh fruits in order to make her tongue felt better but Zea looked not interested and was still busy crying.

Finally the waiters came up with their latest idea, asking Zea to taste their ice cream although at first Zea refused the offer but after sometime and listened to her big sister's suggestion, she finally said yes. Whew...our drama queen finally smiled and enjoyed her free ice cream. Everybody's happy at last. What a relief!


mia April 16, 2012 at 2:28 PM  

Hahaya ampuun lucunyaa :p

Salam kenal saya untuk dinamic duonya mbak Riana. Cantiik! Mewek aja cantik apalagi senyum ya :)

gerandis April 17, 2012 at 8:19 AM  

dan mommynya kayaknya penggemar drama ini ya...anaknya nangis masih sempet difotoin :D

riana April 18, 2012 at 11:45 AM  

@mia: salam kenal kembali auntie mia, thanks ya sudah dibilang cantik *warm hugs* :D

@gerandis: hahaha...mama & ayahnya dilemma, antara prihatin atau ketawa, geli lihat zea nangis, gayanya lebay abess :))