Batik Najlazea: 2nd Anniversary Sale

Whew...time does fly. My online shop is celebrating its second anniversary today. Honestly having my own business has never crossed my mind before. I always thought that I am going to be a career woman. Working from nine to five. That's it. But life is a mystery. You will never know what's next.

It's never been easy to start your own business. You have to be tough and persistent. Just work hard. never look back. I learn a lot from my small business here. Moreover since I handle all by myself , from production until delivery, therefore I just realized how this business somewhat changed my point of view. I am still learning now. The more you learn about having your own business, the more you realize that you knew very little about it. In fact it seems there are always new things to explore.

My dream is simple. Just hoping that Batik Najlazea will always be in the heart of its customers and it can grow bigger and bigger, amen.

Code: API 34, size XL, Rp 310.000,- now Rp 248.000,-
Code: D45, Rp. 265.000,- now Rp. 212.000,-
Capuchon, Code: JL1, Rp. 245.000,- now Rp. 196.000,-
On this special occasion, to celebrate our anniversary and also to welcome Ramadhan month, there will be a 2nd Anniversary Sale. We will give 20% discount on all blouse, sackdress and man's shirt. The sale will be started today, July 17--August 17, 2012. C'mon, let's grab it. First comes first served.

Simply click here and enjoy the batik collections.