Title: 1984
Author: George Orwell
Interpreter: Landung Simatupang
Publisher: Bentang, 
2014/392 pages

Musuh terbesarmu, pikirnya ialah sistem sarafmu sendiri. Setiap saat tegangan di dalam dirimu dapat saja menerjemahkan dirinya menjadi segala hal yang kasat mata.

1984 is always be in my wish list book. I know this is a must read book since it is considered as one of the most significant novels in 20th century. Translated into more than 65 languages and sold millions of copies worldwide, giving the author George Orwell a unique place in world literature. Even TIME magazine in 2005 chose this novel as one of the 100 best English-language novels from 1923. 

Then why do I keep postponing to buy and read this book? Well...I know this is not an easy book to read.  In fact I have to struggle to absorb all important issues stated in the book. It's going to be such a useless things to do if I just read the book without understand the real content of it.  

When I came across this book in bahasa version at Gramedia bookshop and found out the one who translated the book is Landung Simatupang, one of the most respected person in literature, I was over the moon. Nevertheless although I read the book in bahasa but still there are to many complicated things to digest therefore this book definitely not a book that could be finished within short period. You just need time to ponder towards many things stated in there.

Why is the novel so popular? What exactly is the topic of the novel? 1984 is a novel written down in 1948. It's a classic novel in content, plot and style. What makes this novel special is Orwell's horrific prediction toward the future in 1984. The setting is in London during a perpetual war, public manipulation, under strict control of the government that considers all individualism and independent thinking as 'thoughtcrimes'. Police, hidden tele screen and microphone are everywhere making privacy is such a fantasy. Even history is rewritten according to government's instruction. Government has a full authority towards its citizen. Someone with different thought and opinion will be diminished. 

1984 presents a startling and haunting vision of the world. It's written so powerful that is completely convincing from start to finish. This book also comes out with an adjective Orwellian which refers to anything repressive or totalitarian. Orwell constructs such a horrific version of the hell. It's definitely the most terrifying novel ever written. When Orwell wrote this novel, he's not in his best condition in fact he suffered from tuberculosis perhaps that might had a lot to do with the gloominess that is one of the essential aspect of the novel. Seven months after this novel published, Orwell passed away. The books became a hit.

Although year 1984 has come and gone but what Orwell wrote is still relevant with recent condition. People up until now are still struggling for their lives. Corrupted government and dictatorship also exist still.  A haunting narration. A big read.

This book also has been adapted into a screen. Check here.   

Latest Favorite Icon: Sofia the First

I guess girls always have their favorite in everything (well..some boys also do). After becoming a Frozen-the-movie freak, it seems now the girls have found a new idol, that ordinary girl who suddenly becomes a princess, yep ...Sofia the first. Actually Najla's feeling through Sofia is not too deep yet on the contrary her little sister, Zea, declared herself as a Sofia addict.

Zea started her collection by purchasing the DVD and the books. She's so excited when she purchased the book and found Sofia's magic necklace as a bonus of the book (for Zea, the necklace is far more important than the book). Now the necklace becomes a must-used-item. She wears it anytime anywhere. Once she forgot to wear it then she asked us to return home just to get the magic necklace. She said she can't live without it. I know she could be such a drama queen sometime (in fact very often now lol).

JALANAN (the Movie)

Title: Jalanan 
Director: Daniel Ziv
Writers: Ernest Hariyanto, Daniel Ziv

Happiness is in your heart. Not elsewhere. This line is definitely into this movie.  A documentary movie made by a Canadian, Daniel Ziv, who captures a life of three buskers (street musician) Boni, Ho and Titi. If you think the movie will talk about how hard being a poor busker who has no permanent job or a house or proper food etc, you're totally wrong. What makes this movie special is how Daniel as the director delivers a story from different angle. Look at the happy faces at those three buskers. They never regret or curse their lives. On the other hand they enjoy it. Every single day. How positive these people are. I envy them a lot.  

As a documentary movie, Daniel started the movie without any scrip and just followed these three characters for quite a long time 5-6 years without knowing where this story would end. Until  finally some things  happened to Boni, Ho and Titi and Daniel decided this movie could finish here.

Never enjoying a music documentary this much. This movie is awesome. Leave me with a mixed feeling and lots of new insights to ponder. Highly recommended. Perhaps this week will be the last week for the movie. It is still played at Blok M Square, Plaza Senayan and Blitz Grand Indonesia. Go watch it. You won't regret it.  


Title: Wanderlove
Author: Kirsten Hubbard
Translator: Nina Andiana
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Published January 2014
456 pages
"Kalau uang bukan masalah untuk mu, kenapa kau jadi backpacker?"
"Kau pikir cuma orang-orang bangkrut yang bisa jadi backpacker?"
Just like other teenagers, Bria Sandoval, a 18-year-old-girl, has problems over ex-boyfriend, her two best friends, her parents, and her life. Tired of all of these stuff, she finally decides to escape. Although she's not the kind of person that can travel across the world as a solo traveler but one day she sign up for a tour to Central America.

Unfortunately joining a tour group is not Bria's thing. After meeting Rowan, a devoted backpacker and a dive instructor with his outspoken sister, Starling, Bria finally leaves the tour group and gets together with Rowan and Starling to explore Guatemala.

Bria is an artist before her ex-boyfriend destroys her confidence in drawing but still she always brings her sketchbook around with her all time. When one day she lost her camera along the trip, she decides to just enjoy the scenery, the atmosphere and draws the best of them. Bria and Rowan's relationship is also built along the way. As teenagers they argue over everything however their strong characters and their witty conversations truly capture my heart. This unplanned trip changes Bria and Rowan's life forever. At first they discover that they're both seeking to leave behind the old version of themselves and later on they realize that they must keep moving forward. 
"Aku menyadari bahwa kadang, apa yang paling kau cintai adalah apa yang harus kau perjuangkan paling keras agar bisa tetap kau miliki."
The author Kirsten Hubbard is a travel writer and an artist herself therefore she could describe lots of beautiful places in Central America vividly. I also adore the awesome sketches scattering throughout the story. A feel-good book. Romantic, smart and funny.
"Percayalah padaku. Bahkan saat kehidupan memberikan hal yang berbeda daripada yang tadinya kau rencanakan, tetap akan lebih baik jika kau mencoba dan gagal daripada terus bertanya-tanya apa yang terjadi jika kau melakukannya."
Find more about the author here.   

12th Years A Marriage

Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.

--Henny Youngman via Brainy Quote

Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/h/hennyyoung128914.html#1GiKqHHXkVXT7iZv.99
Hahaha...that's exactly what happened to us therefore our marriage survives up until now. Btw...happy 12th wedding anniversary, Ayah...!!!

Malaikat Lereng Tidar

Title: Malaikat Lereng Tidar
Author: Remy Sylado
Publisher: Penerbit Buku Kompas 2014
Pages : 544

selatan nama kebulatan hati barangkali
yang direnda oleh mimpi hari kemarin
kau tidak bakal mengenal kearifan
jika kau tidak pernah diabaikan.

I am always curious to read Remy Sylado's works since he always has a detailed research for the stories he writes. Just like in Ca Bau Kan, Parijs van Java, Kembang Jepun and also Kerudung Merah Kirmizi (awarded by Khatulistiwa Award in 2002).

In his latest book he's back with a love story between Jez, a Manado guy and Toemirah, a Javanese girl. The setting is during Dutch colonization. Jez joins the Dutch soldier corps that soon will be assigned to settle the conflict in Aceh. Before going to Aceh, Jez arrives in Magelang where he meets his love of his life, Toemirah, the angel from Tidar Valley.

As usual the author delivers the story in his own way that always leaves me stunning. The research is fantastic.  I think this novel is one of the novels with a very complete references and footnotes. Author divide the story in lots of short chapter and closed every chapter with a poem. In every chapter we will find many different variations of dialogue in bahasa, in Javanese, in Acehnese and also Dutch. 

There are also many important historical facts that will enrich our insight. The story takes place in many places but mostly in Manado, Magelang and Meulaboh Aceh. I am quite amazed with author's knowledge about the history of every city stated in the book. He explains everything in details. Reading this book is kind of joining a history class, not the boring one (like we experienced in our school days lol) but the most engaging one. Do you want to know more about our country's history? Then this book is highly recommended.