Can't Get Enough of Bali

Just like other Australian, my cousin and his Australian wife are crazy about Bali. Every time they have holiday, the first destination that hit their mind will be Bali, Bali and Bali. I asked them once, why do you Australian love Bali so very much? They said that because:

1) in Bali they can do anything that are not allowed in Australia. Hold on...such as? Well...going to salon everyday, having cream bath, massage, lulur, pedicure, medicure, and other wellness stuff with a very cheap price yet a very skillful staff. Even you can have those services at your hotel and they still offer reasonable price.

2) Okay, next, they enjoy the food, the cafe and the ambience.

3) Other favorite thing is they can hire a motorbike and ride around Bali sometimes even without helmet. Okay, this one is dangerous but it's okay they say once in a while to ride a bike in an Indo way. I don't know whether I should be proud of or ashamed of this label, lol. 

So, there we were, spending the last four days in Bali. Following the Australian way, once they enjoy of something, they will definitely do the same things over and over again while me as Indonesian, just like to explore and try new things, such as when I choose hotel, I will avoid to stay at the same hotel, especially in Bali when you have heaps of excellent hotel choices with reasonable price, but again we stay at the same place Kuta Regency Villa. It's a nice villa actually, good location, nearby the airport (good to anticipate Bali's traffic jam that getting worse each day), having four bedrooms and a private pool, but we've been here before. Still we could live with that since the point of this trip was to share the holiday with our families and relatives. 

We just went with the flow. Enjoying the holiday. Having never-ending chit-chat and lots of laughter. That the best part. Anyway we dropped by at Potato Head for the first time. Love everything there unless the bill, hahaha...

We went back to Jakarta before Christmas came. We thought Bali would be packed during Christmas and new year.  But still our flight had a three-hour-delay. The good thing is Bali's airport is very cozy now. The renovation is completely done thus it's nice to just stay there waiting.  We arrived home at 1 am, tired but happy. Thanks for the holiday, mate!!!       

The Rosie Project

Title: The Rosie Project
Author: Graeme Simsion
Translator: Dharmawati
Gramedia, 2015
372 pages

The debut work of Australian author, Graeme Simsion. The Rosie Project was released in 2013 and got a big success up until today. Even the sequel The Rosie Effect has been released in 2014. 

A romance about a genetics professor, Don Tillman, nearly 40 but have never had any second date with a woman. Although very smart but Don is not too good to deal with people particularly women. Very common. Genius is hard to understand. Moreover Don also suffers of Asperger syndrome (an autism disorder that make the affected children and adults having difficulty in social interactions).

With a friend's help, Don starts a wife project, a long questionnaire is involved, designed to select those who meet his criteria. When the unsuitable Rosie comes, everything changes. It turns out that Rosie becomes a big part of Don's life.

Sound too cliche? Yes, actually all is predictable.  No twist or something that make readers curious to find out more. It's just a simple book. Perhaps this book is suitable to accompany you during the flight but that's it, once is more than enough to read it. 

Life Lately

Happy faces welcoming holiday
Time management could be an issue for everyone. Nope it doesn't relate to age. Even at my 'lansia' time, I face it again. It's all started when a friend asked me to collaborate and set up a Legal Translation Service. As a lawyer beside drafting a contract sometimes we also need to translate the contract into English particularly when one of the parties in the contract is a foreign company or an expatriate. At first my friend's offer sounded interesting since I think it's time for me to consider more work-from-home projects. Nevertheless I also remember a friend said that as soon as you become a translator, your life will be totally changed. Yes, you might stay at home but you also deal with deadline and mostly 'unbelievable' ones. 

After five years living my life as a part-timer here and there, I just found out that my pace now perhaps a bit slowing down. Age factor? could be #sound a denial here??? Lately I found my life is really hectic. Days run. Time does fly. Too fast. Sometimes I can't cope with it.

Just realize that it's already in the middle of December.  The girls just finished the school exam and ready for two-week-holiday while their mom is still struggling between teaching stuff and translation deadline. Oh Lord..

A new year is coming its way. Got a feeling that 2015 is running too fast or is it just my melancholy feeling? Don't know yet #continue checking Traveloka's website for budget holiday. Yes girls, I know you need holiday, so do I. Btw, why on earth are there no more reasonable tickets for the following week? WHY? WHY??? Do I sound stress? Perhaps I do but...just a bit #still on denial.

The Girl on the Train

Title: The Girl on the Train
Author: Paula Hawkins
Translator: Inggrid Nimpoeno
Penerbit Noura Books
August 2015
431 pages

If you are addicted to Gillian Flynn's works, the debut of British author Paula Hawkins can be one of the choices since it also delivers a psychological thriller. Many reviews referred to the book as "the next Gone Girl". By early August 2015, the book had sold more than three millions copies in U.S. alone. DreamWorks Pictures is having the right to adapt to novel into screen and planned to be released on October 2016. 

The Girl on the Train follows the story of a woman named Rachel, a 32-year-old alcoholic. She's divorced to Tom, her ex-husband who left her for another woman, Anna. Tom and Anna then got married and live in Rachel's former house while Rachel has nothing and finally stays at a friend's house. How tragic.

Everyday, to kill time, Rachel goes on a train to London. Along her journey, she passes the same suburban houses each day and sees the same people going about their lives. She witnesses her old house and the neighborhood and also the 'perfect' couple, Scott and Megan. Then one day she sees something that leads her becoming involved in the murder mystery of Megan.

With those conditions as described above, you can imagine the dark, haunting and depressing plot. If you love a book with twists, turns, and excitement, this one is well worth reading. 


The girls' school has no ranking system. However to make students feel special, one of the ways is by awarding them with special rewards. Every month the class teacher will award some students as Student of the Month. The categories for this award are so many. I think it depends on the teacher's creativity since all students will get this award sooner or later within two semesters. The categories could be: the most disciplined student, the most helpful student, the most creative student, etc.

Last couple weeks ago Zea said that she had an important information for me. Well...okay, what is it girl? Then she gave me her award certificate. Wow...congrats, girl. You made us proud. She smiled from ear to ear. But when I was about to leave, she suddenly asked, "Ma, antusias itu artinya apa?"

Go Set A Watchman

Title: Go Set A Watchman
Author: Harper Lee
Translator: Berliani Mantili Nugrahani & Esti Budihabsari
Publisher: Penerbit Qanita
Publication date: September 2015
288 pages

I am sure most of us love the American classic, To Kill a Mockingbird. It's hard not to love this Pulitzer Prize winning novel that in 1999 voted as Best Novel of the Century. After publishing this novel in 1960s, there's no work of Lee published again thus people keep asking about whether Harper Lee is a one-book-wonder. She answered her devoted readers' curiosity with a dignified silence.

Go Set A Watchman was initially written down in 1950s, before To Kill A Mockingbird,  and originally rejected by the publisher. Assumed to have been lost, the manuscript was discovered in late 2014 by Lee's lawyer, Tonja Carter, who was assigned to appraise Lee's assets. She re-examined Lee's safe deposit box and found a manuscript of Go Set A Watchman in it. She contacted Lee and passed the manuscript on to Lee's agent, Andrew Nurnberg and on February 3, 2015, HarperCollins announced that they would publish Go Set A Watchman.

The book was having an awesome response. It was sold 1,1 million copies on the first week and beat the sale of Harry Potter and 50 Shades of Grey.

The book still delivers the same characters and setting. If you miss Jean 'Scout' Louise and her father, Atticus, here they are. But Scout is 26 years old and works in New York now. One day she returns home to visit her aging father and found out that everything changes. Her homecoming turns bittersweet when she learns disturbing truth about her family, the town and the people dearest to her.

Highly recommended. Unforgettable novel about wisdom, humanity, passion and humour. A life-time favourite book.

The author, Harper Lee, is 89 now. She lives in Monroeville, Alabama, blind and deaf.  

Some Beautiful Places to Get Lost

The magnificent Museum Angkut, Batu, Malang
Still at Museum Angkut
TRAVELING- it leaves you speechless, 
then turns you into a storyteller.

--Ibn Batutta
Lanterns at Batu Spectacular Night
The apple plantation

Just returned from Malang, Batu and Bromo for weekend getaway with two friends. Feeling totally refreshed and recharged. Love the city, surrounding and all. 
The amazing Batu Secret Zoo 
The mystical Bromo

If you think adventure is dangerous,
try routine, it is lethal.

--Paulo Coelho
Horse riding at Bromo (really helpful for lansia like me, haha

Soempah Pemoeda

Today at Najla and Zea's school, a culture festival, to commemorate the sacred Soempah Pemoeda.

The Girl in the Spider's Web

Title: The Girl in the Spider's Web
Author: David Lagercrantz
Translated from the Swedish by: George Goulding
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2015
405 pages

“Rest easy, Lisbeth Salander fans—our punk hacker heroine is in good hands . . . A twisty, bloody thrill ride . . . seamlessly woven together by Lagercrantz—in fact, if you hadn’t seen his name on the book jacket, you’d likely assume it was Larsson’s own handiwork . . . An instant page-turner.” —USA Today (4 out of 4 stars)

Lisbeth Salander, our girl with the dragon tattoo is back. Yes, an excellent continuation of the Millennium series is here. After Stieg Larsson died of a heart attack in 2004 and there's a dispute between  his girl friend versus his father and brother, I thought that the end of these series. But perhaps looking at its huge success,  the publisher at last decided that it's time for another sequel.  

David Lagercrantz, an acclaimed Swedish Journalist and author, was assigned to continue the series and he made it. This is another excellent work. Unputdownable. Highly recommended. No wonder if Lagercrantz has been offered to write other two continuation of the novels. So grab the book and let's meet up with Salander and Blomkvist!!!

We live in a world in which paranoia is a requirement.

The Girl in the Spider's Web, David Lagercrantz

Dark Places

Title: Dark Places
Author: Gillian Flynn
Publisher: Crown Publishers New York , 2013
543 pages

I was not a lovable child and I'd grown up into a deeply unlovable adult. Draw a picture of my soul and it'd be a scribble with fangs.

-Gillian Flynn,  Dark Places 

I just feel that Gillian Flynn's works must be read with a strong heart otherwise it will be haunting you and give you nightmares for days. Exaggerating? Perhaps I am but that's what happened to me after finishing Gone Girl and Sharp Objects. Therefore this Dark Places book had been in my bookcase for months and I still thought that I was not strong enough to drown into Flynn's dark ideas, not yet.

Until one day I saw Dark Places movie poster at movie theater and I guessed it's just time to read the book before I am tempted to watch the movie first. Then here it goes the story of Libby Day, the narrator and protagonist in the book. She was just seven years old when her two sisters and mother were brutally murdered in their rural Kansas farmhouse. The murders appear to be a satanic cult ritual. Libby escapes through a window and later testifies in court against her teenage brother.

Almost 25 years later, she agrees to revisit the crime and uncovers the truth that led up to that tragic night.

And this book even causing a worse impact on me. As a mother it breaks my heart thinking about Libby's days before and after the murders. She and her siblings never get any affection nor attention from the mother who frequently get abused by their father. The author delivers a vivid description on class issues in rural America, intense poverty, domestic abuse and satanic cult hysteria that swept away the US in the 1980s.

Dark Places the movie has been released on August 7, 2015. One of the casts is Charlize Theron. I am not sure whether I am brave enough to watch it.

Check the movie trailer here.

The Martian

They say once you grow crops somewhere, you have officially colonized it. So, technically, I colonised Mars. In your face, Neil Armstrong. 
--Mark Watney, The Martian 2015 
Just enjoying one of the best movies in 2015 The Martian. A 2015 American science fiction movie which tells about Mark Watney (amazingly starred by Matt Damon), an astronaut who is mistakenly presumed dead and left behind on the planet Mars.

This 2,5 hours movie captures the engaging yet touching scenes of how Watney spends his solitary days on Mars. Instead of feeling frustrated, he shows his super positive aura in facing all the obstacles on Mars. He creates everything by himself. He keeps trying to find a way on how to survive. What a man!!!

This movie teaches us how to be optimistic in even the worst condition. Although the movie duration is quite long but it's not a problem at all since we are curious to know what will happen to Watney and we're going to be busy enjoying smart yet funny dialogue all along the movie.

One thing that makes me so excited about the movie was because out of the blue my girls asked me to take them and watch the movie together. What? Are you for real, girls? It's a 2,5 hours movie, are you sure you can deal with it? I don't want to leave the cinema in the middle of the show. Blah…blah…Najla said religiously, "calm down Ma, we promise we won't make your life difficult." Hahaha…such a sweet girl.

Moreover Najla and Zea said they feel bored of watching cartoon movies now, remember…. they're not kids anymore. Hear…hear…no more cartoon movies unless if it's really special (such as The Little Prince which will be played in the cinemas very soon). Okay then, I guess it's worth to try. Let's go girls!!!

And I was relieved and proud due to the girls successfully watched the movie until the end without any complaint nor 'I-want-to-go-home-now'-scream. In fact Najla said that she begins to realise that Science is really important and perhaps it's time to pay more attention to that subject. Well…good point, girl.  

The Girls' Bedroom

I am in the process of convincing my parents to sell me their house so I can just live in my childhood bedroom forever. I figure it might make me age slower.

--Pete Wentz

In the old days, my girls room used to be full of pink ornaments. They also had several princesses posters on the wall which would be changed frequently depended on who their favorite characters were so they once had (the must have) Frozen, Sofia the First, Cinderella (after watching the movie), etc.  

Suddenly, a couple months ago, Zea told me that she and Najla would like to redecorate their bedroom. I still thought that they just wanted to change their room a bit but it turned out they planned to have a total decoration on the room. They said they're bored with pink and princess stuff. Ouch...really girls? You're both just 10 and 8 years old #worrytone.
The purple and blue for the wall
After having a second thought, I finally said yes to their request and started the bedroom renovation project. The first thing to consider was the color of the wall. Najla wanted purple while Zea chose blue. To accommodate both, the room at last repainted half in purple and other in blue. Next Najla said she needed posters of her favorite singers to be put on the wall. On the other hand Zea asked me to take her to a poster shop in order to get some inspiring quotes for the wall. 

The Taylor Swift poster
Well... I decided to buy one poster for Najla and she chose Taylor Swift. Zea after felt confused in the quote shops at last got one quote poster. We put all posters on the wall.  The last thing to do was taking out some of the girls' dolls, children books and toys that seemed already too childish for their 'teenage' (to come) years and changed them with more books although in fact they watch more Youtube videos than read the books (typical kids these days. Sigh!!!).   
Zea's Favorite Quote
Time does fly. Apart from this bedroom renovation, one thing hits my mind. Yes, my babies grow up. They're getting bigger not only physically but also mentally. So it's not just them who need to prepare for their teenage time even I am as a mom having a more important thing to do not to judge and try to discuss and get a win-win solution for any issue. I know it's not an easy thing to do but I will give a try. Wish me luck.  

Crazy Rich Asians

Title: Crazy Rich Asian
Author: Kevin Kwan
Anchor Books, New York, Feb 2014
529 pages

Just like other readers, I am also curious about this book. A funny debut novel about super rich Chinese families written down by Kevin Kwan. If usually we can only imagine how these crazy people live their lives now we might get the details in this novel. Although this is fiction but most of the stories are based on facts since the author said he was raised in Singapore among those wealthy families. 

It's a light book that will entertain readers from the start until the last page. Even some of us perhaps don't want this to end. The sequel has also been released, China Rich Girlfriend. Current news said that the book soon also will be adapted into a movie by the producers behind the Hunger Games. Let's wait then. Hope it's going to be as witty as the book.

Silk Worm & Super Camp

My girls, Najla and Zea, together with their classmates had a field trip last week.  Najla joined a super camp at Tanah Tingal, Ciputat and stayed there one night while Zea visited Wisata Ilmu Sutera, in Bandung for one day trip.
One tent for four students
This is the second time for Najla having Super Camp.  Last year she camped and stayed over night at school. Since that was perhaps the first time for Najla and mostly her friends to stay in a tent therefore it seemed that they wanted to bring all stuff from their homes. Even some of them brought big luggages. Yep…lots of parents usually get so paranoid when it comes to kids' stuff particularly when it's related to camping. 

I remembered last year, I kept thinking about Najla all night long worrying whether she could sleep well at school. My hubby said perhaps lots of parents wanted to sleep at school parking lot tonight. If only he knew his wife actually had the same thought. Lol. While the next day when we met the kids, all of them looked so very much happy. They didn't seem to miss the parents at all. Ironic. No?
No more big luggage now
The current camping at Tanah Tingal was a bit different. I thought it would be more adventurous since they would stay and sleep in the tents surrounded by big trees. Unfortunately when I picked her up the next day, what I found around were tired faces.  I asked them what happened? They said they couldn't sleep. It's too hot and too many mosquitoes in the tents.

Well…perhaps if you want to stay in the tent you have to go to a higher and colder places such as Puncak or Lembang. Najla and friends said that they love camping but they prefer to camp at school just like last year. 

Pics Courtesy of Tr Reza
While Zea and friends had a bit far field trip this time. Yes they left at 6am to Bandung and arrived back in Jakarta at 8pm. They visited silk worm farm in Bandung. I just knew about this place when the teacher gave the link to the place and it looks interesting. You can see all things related to silk worm.

But when I asked Zea whether she enjoyed the trip and we should go there again taking Najla all along, she responded in a flat tone, "I don't think so, Ma. I still prefer Kuntum Farm at Tajur than this place." What? But why? She said again, "because I can see many different kinds of animals at Kuntum not only the silk worm."

Although when I checked the website, beside silk worm actually there are also other animals such as bunny and fish. Perhaps the location is too far so they're already tired before enjoying the program. All in all kids these days have their own thoughts. We can't force them. We just need to be there. Ready to facilitate them.
Pics Courtesy of Tr Reza
Find more on Tanah Tingal, Ciputat, here.

Find more on Wisata Ilmu Sutera, Bandung, Padepokan Dayang Sumbihere.

The Year I Met You

Title: The Year I Met You
Author: Cecelia Ahern
Paperback Edition 2015
432 pages

Jakarta lately seems getting hotter, dustier, crowded and more stressful. In this condition I guess I need a simple and enjoyable book to read. Tell you what, this Cecelia Ahern's story is just the right one. It turns out that a great author can develop a simple story (without too many tragedies and twisted) into an awesome one.  Readers just go with the flow, enjoy every ordinary thing and feel happy at the ending. 

The main character here, Jasmine, is a young and successful businesswoman. She only cares about her work. When she's suddenly fired and forced to take a one-year gardening leave --meaning she's still on the payroll but not allowed to work elsewhere-- she's at a lost. The gardening leave is a term used in a company, no it's definitely not dealing with gardening issue but it's about the company effort to stop their employees working in the rival company. 

Having a one-year off is a total disaster for Jasmine. She starts to question everything in her life including her neighborhood. Out of the blue she notices the people around her and the lives they live.  

This life changing is actually a self discovery for Jasmine. She is used to be a cold, lonely and stubborn woman but now she declares herself as a new Jasmine that is more human. Particularly when she really deal with the gardening things. The update of her garden story is engaging. She starts to see the world around her and admires the beauty of everything. 

This is the 2nd book of Cecelia Ahern after One Hundred Names that I finished. I just love her writing. She has a unique writing style with the warm characters, the perfect plot and simplicity of her stories. Perfect companion for your weekend. Read it with some cookies and hot tea, You will find  peace.

Pop Art

Don't think  about making art, just get it done. Let everyone  else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.

--Andy Warhol
According to Wikipedia, Pop Art is an art movement that emerged in the mid-1950s in Britain and in the late 1950s in the United States. Pop Art presented a challenge to tradition of fine art by including imagery from popular culture such as advertising and news. 

When people talk about pop art, usually they will associate it with the work of New York artist of the early 1960s such as Andy Warhol
Najla said, this is totally me
Why do I suddenly become so serious about art (padahal ga ngerti-ngerti banget)? It's because on my way to work, my eyes were always laid on one street gallery. Actually there are several galleries around my neighborhood yet what special about this street gallery is it has several colorful painting that kind of pop art works.'s awesome to find such thing in my area since it's not a big city or something #sindrom tinggal dipelosok.

While Zea comment was, it's 90% of me, my cheeks are not that chubby #denial
One day I dropped by and talked to Cak Sur, the painter or I will represent him as an Art Director as stated in his name card. We had a chat and I found out lots of interesting stuff about him such as how he ended up as a street painter in this area after exploring many places, in fact I saw his pics when he was in Australia. He said that he used to have gallery at Pasar Seni Ancol but now the place is quite left behind thus he chose to open this street gallery nearby his home. All in all he said with a poetic question, what  do we actually need in life? We just want more and more. Can't stop. Never satisfied. I know this is deep.

On my second visit, I decided to have pop art pictures for my family members. Cak Sur agreed and asked for two weeks to finish it. I sent all the family pics to his e-mail (yep, it's high-tech era now, you don't have to sit all day long in front of the painter to get painted like in the old days and finally get stiff muscle or encok or something) and waited impatiently for the results.

Last weekend, Cak Sur dropped by at my place and delivered those four paintings and I got nothing to say instead of a big WOW to see his awesome works. Way to go, Cak Sur. Thank you for the paintings and hope the painting orders get more and more.    

The Museum of Extraordinary Things

Title: The Museum of Extraordinary Things
Author: Alice Hoffman
Paperback edition published by Simon & Schuster UK Ltd, 2015
372 pages

The first Alice Hoffman's book that I read and I guess I simply fall in love with her works. The author delivers a wonderful mix of magic v. science, history and tragedy and of course a love and romance. A kind of a fairy tale combined with history. My things definitely.

Let's explore New York City in 1911. There is a museum of extraordinary things which is managed by Professor Sardie, a mad scientist and part magician. You will find various kinds of living wonders or some people will call it freak show here,  the Wolf Man,  the Butterfly Girl, the Siamese Twins, and Coralie, Sardie's daughter, who has from the age of 10, spent hours suspended in a tank of water playing the Human Mermaid. 

The protagonists, Coralie and a photographer named Eddy Cohen who likes to take nocturnal walks with his dog in the woods of Northern Manhattan, will take turn narrating the story from old days and back again to 1911. We'll get a rich narration on rights of children, women, workers in a historic tone and ambience and also the  melancholic love story of Coralie and Eddy. The Museum of Extraordinary Things is an extraordinary thing itself. A must read.

Quote of the Day

Sometimes I just want
someone to hug me and
I know it's hard.

You're going to be okay.
Here's a coffee.
And 5 million dollars.

#find this quote somewhere in socmed and I guess it made my day, haha..

The Thing about Luck

Title: The Thing about Luck
Author: Cynthia Kadohata
Illustrator: Julia Kuo
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Paperback Edition June 2014
275 pages

I first knew Cynthia Kadohata when I read her previous works, Weedflower and Kira-Kira (both have been translated in Bahasa by Gramedia). Kadohata is a Japanese-American children's writer known best for winning the Newbery Medal in 2005 and the U.S. National Book Award in 2013.  

Kadohata always delivers a simple yet deep story for children. She has different themes and all is always enjoyable. This time she tells a story about a young girl, Summer, and luck. Yes, luck, there is a bad luck, a good luck, making your own luck--which is exactly what Summer must do to save her family.

Summer and her lack-of-social-skills brother, Jaz,  have to spend this holiday with their grandparents considering that their parents have to fly to Japan to take care of elderly relatives. Their grandparents have to work at a harvesting company in order to settle their mortgage. Summer and Jaz come along with their grandparents and other workers moving from one place to another to harvest in the wheat fields in Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Usually Summer helps her grandmother who works as the cook. Out of the blue her grandfather becomes sick and it appears that it might be up to Summer to save the day. Will she succeed?

A very moving story with strong characterisation. Completed with abundant humour between Summer and her grandparents especially on their broken english and the culture gap. A thoughtful book on growing up.   

Find more on Cynthia Kadohata here.

70th Independence Day

Courtesy of Tr. Sonya
I am always excited on commemorating our Independence day. I know most of us (i.e. the 80s generation) still do it the old way however it never makes me bored.  I just love the laughter, the fun, togetherness and everything. Nothing beats the spirit. 
Courtesy of Tr. Sonya
One of the things I love from Najla and Zea's school is they always celebrate the independence day in the old way. Yes…it's tarik tambang, makan kerupuk, balap karung, etc…you name it. I am glad that the teachers introduce this ritual to the students. Although it's just simple games yet they might learn lots of positive things on sharing, supporting and of course the fun itself.   
Today, the students, the teachers and even parents were invited to join the flag ceremony at the school yard.  I joined them without any hesitation. It turned out that lots of parents were also interested to be part of the ceremony. I guess all of us need to bring back those childhood memories for a moment. the warm-nostalgic feeling already and send the best wishes for our country, Indonesia, happy 70th independence.

Turning 42

Dear hubby,

You're older.
You're wiser.
You're sophisticated.
You're far more too mature to be concerned with material things like presents…

Happy 42nd birthday, awesome hubby
a person who is smart, good looking, and funny and …reminds me a lot of myself..hahaha...

Love you to the moon and back, as always.