Selama Kita Tersesat di Luar Angkasa

Author: Maggie Tiojakin
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Publication date: July 2013
Pages: 241

Jangan baca buku ini di tempat umum guna mencegah terjadinya reaksi yang tak diinginkan. Bawa pulang buku ini, sembunyikan, baca diam-diam waktu tengah malam sambil ditemani kopi panas. Atau teh. Atau...Pilih candumu sendiri.
This book caught my attention with its unique title and cover. At first I thought it's a science fiction book that telling about aerospace, alien, etc, definitely not my cup of tea, but I still bought it since I had already been  'tempted' by the warning at the back cover of the book (see Perhatian).  

This book is written by Maggie Tiojakin, a writer and a journalist, who delivers her 14 absurd short stories collection.  Maggie also generously shares her five extra English short stories as a bonus. reading this book is like having a journey. Unpredictable one. You will meet lots of strange yet interesting moments. Some stories are actually having a common setting such as: a flooded area (Lompat Indah),  a murder in an apartment (Saksi Mata), a teenager who is addicted to play games (Suatu Saat Kita Ingat Hari Ini), etc, but Maggie is really good in creating the strong characters with strange name and unpredictable endings. Once you read it, it's just unputdownable. You will be curious to know more about the other stories. Well...Maggie seems having a power to make the readers addicted to her writing.

A well written book. Those 14 stories (plus five extra stories) are telling about different kind of topic therefore I salute Maggie for her deep research and brilliant exploration. I really learn a lot. I guess I will find Maggie's other works.