Between Two Different Requests

It's definitely true that a child brings his/her own genetic character. It happens to my two girls. Although they are sisters. They are raised by the same parents. They are treated in the exactly same way. Living in the same home. Studying in the same school. But, still they have their original characters. The bigger they are, the more their different characters appear.

It happened just now, when I planned to go out for some urgent matters. As usual every time their mom seems to change her dress and starts to do some make-up, their curiosity will reach the highest level and the investigation will soon be started by asking tons of questions, such as: "Ma, where are you going?", "What time will you go back?", "Ma, promise me, you will arrive home soon, won't you?." Sometimes the investigative session will be ended by asking their favorite things.

When I arrived home in the afternoon, they run all along our terrace to welcome their mom. Najla started by asking, "Ma, buku titipan Kakak dibeliin kan?" and her little sister, Zea also asked for her request, "Ma, kue lapis legit titipan Zea mana?" While her big sister always requests me to buy her story books, Zea is still consistent to ask for food, haha.... they have their own favorite stuffs. Ah..girls, you make my day. As always.

What A Wonderful World

Find a job that you like
then you don't have to work for the rest of your life

This lines have been haunting me for quite sometime. But nowadays, after I check my weekly schedule and compare it with my former weekly activities, it seems that I almost get there *deep grateful*.

My weekly schedule in the old days:
Monday - Friday: Office 8.30 am -5.30 pm
(I left home at 6 am and returned home at 7 pm. Experiencing the horrible traffic jam, endless meeting, deadline, reports, and all mandatory office stuffs).

My recent weekly schedule:
Monday: Campus 8 am -1.30 pm
(I am back to campus, not for my post graduate study but for teaching, yeah...I am a lecturer now *blushing*).

Managing my online shop. Dealing with my batik collections. On these 2 days, time seemingly flies away. Stuck among batik fabric are absolutely fun. Time will never be enough.

Going to the office. Following up the works that need to be done.
(the office belongs to my best buddy, therefore my proposal to have a flexible working hour is approved *_*)

Yoga Practice: 7am-9am

It's time to have a special date with my girls & hubby.

Please note that Tuesday-Friday activities are subject to change, i.e. if there's a lunch invitation or a must see movie or just an 'emak-emak' chit-chat, they are aturable :)

I know it is just too good to be true. I guess 'lucky' is my middle name now. is wonderful.... Alhamdulillah.....

Eat Pray Love (The Movie)

I watched the movie yesterday without great expectation. I know an adaptation from a book into a movie is going to be hard. Moreover Eat Pray Love is one of my favorite memoir. I love the book a lot and I already have my own imagination over the book.

But, I need to admit that I enjoy the movie. Of course it's not as detail as the book, but still it's enchanting. Despite the charming Julia Roberts and the beautiful setting of Italy, India and Bali, I also found a good lesson from the movie. A life lesson. If you want to get happiness, you don't have to go around the globe, the happiness is here, in your heart. As human, we the one who control ourselves, our mind. We are the mind master. Many great quotes spread along the movie. A truly inspiring movie.


Hi...there, I've just finished redesigning my online shop website, Well...I love the template, it's just, colorful and chic, matching with our colorful batik collections. I also have uploaded around 20 batik collections, there're still a lot of pictures to be uploaded. I am working on it. Just check it out, hope you guys like it.

Big thanks for mbak Yana who fully assisted me with the website redesigning project. I really appreciate your great work mbak, thank you. For those who need a web designer assistance, I highly recommend Mbak Yana from Kerlip Bintang, she's awesome.

A Tea Story

Welcoming October with a sad story. My little girl, Najla, got fever and finally hospitalized for 4 days. Thank God, she's getting better now. She's already home. Get well soon, baby.

Okay, enough about gloomy things. Let's talk about something nice. Let's talk about tea. Tea? Yes, that incredible drink. My love for tea started 8 years a go. Back when I got married. My hubby and also his family love tea very much. They drink tea 3-4 times a day. At first I only tried it for fun. But later on I felt in love with it. I finally adopt my hubby's habit to have morning and afternoon tea while we discuss about many things. Well, it seems that I not only get married with my hubby but also with his habit:)

From there on I begin to eye tea collections in every supermarket. I buy many different kinds and brands of tea. Never thought that the tea hunting is really engaging.

After tasting many kinds of tea, lately I fall for local tea, Teh Prendjak, from Tanjung Pinang. This tea is awesome. The rose flavor is very unique. Just try it. You're going to love it. If in the old days, it's a bit difficult to find Teh Prendjak since you have to buy it in Riau, but nowadays, almost all big supermarkets in Jakarta sell it. Check it out.