Weekend Getaway: Hotel U Janevalla Bandung

Ah .....after five months left this blog, I am so very happy to finally write something here. Miss you, my blog:)
My hubby got two wedding party invitations in Bandung last week. Considering the crazy traffic from Jakarta to Bandung, it seemed it's impossible to go back and forth from Jakarta to Bandung. Then in the injury time, I browsed in the internet and found this cozy place to stay, Hotel U Janevalla on Jalan Aceh, next to Arya Duta Hotel and behind Bandung Indah Plaza.   

The hotel has an industrial design. Simple yet interesting. It's completed with a mini library (with limited books and visitors), and what the girls love would be the rooftop restaurant and swimming pool. It reminded us of a small version of Jane Orchard Hotel Singapore's rooftop swimming pool.

Athough the hotel was just open for the past three months however I saw that it was quite full. I guess that's due to the power of Traveloka, Trip Advisor, Social Media and all which give high score for this property.

One thing that disturbed us was only the breakfast. The restaurant for breakfast was too small while the hotel guests were soooo many. The hotel provided two floors for the breafast unfortunately the food and the drink were only available on ground floor while mezanine floor only had chairs for sitting. Since my family was a leyeh-leyeh group and arrived there on 8 o'clock then almost all places have already been occupied so we finally sat on mezanine floor and needed to go back and forth from one floor to another with glass and plate on our hands to get our breakfast. Gosh...it's killing me (makan jadi ga maksimal, KZL).

Hopefully the hotel will do something about the breakfast thing since this hotel is quite recommended. It has strategic location and  lovely design. Although the parking space is limited but the hotel provides a valet parking. If you're looking for an alternative hotel in Bandung, this hotel might be an option since it has instagrammable spots in many areas.  

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