Misteri Soliter

Title: The Solitaire Mystery
Indonesian Title: Misteri Soliter (Filsafat dalam Setumpuk Kartu Remi)
Author: Jostein Gaarder
Translator:Utti Setiawati
Publisher: Penerbit Mizan
January 2016
484 pages
Saranku untuk semua orang yang berusaha menemukan jati diri adalah: tetaplah tinggal di tempatmu sekarang. Kalau tidak kau dalam bahaya besar kehilangan dirimu selamanya.

--Misteri Soliter, Jostein Gaarder
Just realized that t's almost end of November and not even one post written down this month??? #tutupmuka. No..no....not because I am too busy with my account in social media. In fact I have been a silence reader for quite some time particularly now when lots of people suddenly feel that they're having the best knowledge in politics and religion #kokcurcol?  

Actually I got a lot of things in my mind. I still read books, watch movies, visit some places, try new tea, and have some other stuffs to share but every time I arrived home, suddenly the urge to write was gone. I just wanted to lay down, took some rest, chit-chatting with the girls, and that's it. Perhaps I am already too tired with the traffic jam and the works deadline so home is associated as a place to rest while opening a laptop seems like starting a new work #neverendingexcuse. While the main factor I guess is just simply the OLD age #tumbenjujur.   

Back to the book, as usual Jostein Gaarder will take us on an awesome adventure with a 12-year-old-boy, Hans Thomas and his father who are on a journey around Europe to find Hans' mother. Hans' mother left him when Hans was only four years old. Along the way, Hans and his father experience  many adventures and much self-discovery.

Only Jostein might turn a philosophy into a very interesting topic. Instead of getting bored or confused, you just feel the excitement in learning about life and all. As usual Jostein will leave his readers with much to think about.
"Jadi Ayah percaya pada Tuhan?"
"Aku tidak bilang begitu. Sebenarnya yang kukatakan adalah, Tuhan sedang menertawakan kita karena kita tidak percaya pada-Nya."