Semarang, The Little Netherland #3

After experiencing Airbnb properties, I think I am in love with it. Everytime we go somewhere, if it is possible I prefer to check Airbnb properties first before choose Agoda, Traveloka, or others. 

It happened when we were in Semarang. Since the girls are getting bigger so now we need 4 (four) beds for all of us. The choices will be booking 2 (two) standard rooms (not a nice choice since we will be in separate rooms) or second choice is booking a family room while not all hotels have it or they provide it with a pricey price. While at Airbnb, I can get an entire  house or an apartment with 2 (two) bedrooms for all of us with friendly prices. 

Like in Semarang, I browsed the Airbnb properties before I found this awesome villa complex at Bukit Jaya Residence, Banyumanik. Located up in the hill of Semarang therefore the view is beautiful and the weather is kind of cool. Remind me of Puncak area in West Java. 

The villa itself is located in a new complex consisting of 12 villas. The villa was equipped with fully furnished furniture, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one is with a bathtub, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. It also has a swimming pool facility and Mas Aris, the man who was in charge, served us with yummy breakfast. You can choose, there is Nasi Pindang, Nasi Soto, Nasi Kuning, Bubur Ayam, and many more.    

With all those excellent facilities, the property only asked me for a very reasonable price, less than 1 million. Wow. I guess it's just another lucky day for us in Semarang.