This book is a memoir of Imran Ahmad, a muslim Pakistani who was born in Pakistan and at the age of one year, in 1964, moved to England with his family. Imran would tell in detail his childhood as an immigrant. He experienced the good and the bad things as well. He had to face the unfairness, such as: the racism, either in his shool or in his neigbourhood. He also had a cultural shock, as a muslim who had to mingle in the west culture. He even got confused about his religion and tried his best to get the best explanation about it.

The writer told his story from his point of view at one year old until he reached the age of 25, since he was so honest in telling his life, therefore you will find a lot of funny things here. Following his story will make you feel like spending your childhood together with him. A really joy to read.

Already translated in Bahasa by Penerbit Mizan on September 2009 under title Bocah Muslim Di Negeri James Bond, I know I feel uncomfortable either with the title, but perhaps Mizan has its reason for that. Still it's worth to read.