Chicken Soup for the Soul: Graphic Novel

Chicken Soup for the Soul (Graphic Novel)
Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen
Illustrator: Kim Donghwa
PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
2nd printed January 2014 
477 pages

Chicken Soup for the Soul series is my all time favorite reading. I also want my girls, Najla and Zea to read it but I think the content of the book is still too hard for them to understand until one day I saw these series in graphic novel form. I think this one is perfect, Najla as a not-so-into books might enjoy the pictures while reading the stories and Zea as a book-lover could easily absorb the message of each story by looking at the illustration.

Another amazing thing about the book is it is enriched with such beautiful illustration made by the great Korean illustrator, Kim Donghwa. Since I finished reading Color Trilogy (Trilogi Warna) and Red Bicycle (Sepeda Merah) as I reviewed here, I became a huge fan of him.

Check some of the masterpiece illustrations here, awesome.