SOE HOK-GIE...Sekali Lagi

I first read Catatan Seorang Demonstran (1983), Soe Hok-gie's diary back in my college time in 1995. At that time I was so curious about this guy. Why's he so famous? What makes him so special?

When finally I finished the diary, I instantly felt in love with this guy. Loved his character, his thoughts, his ideas, his dreams and everything connected to him.

SOE HOK-GIE...Sekali Lagi is published by his best friends, Rudy Badil, Luki Sutrisno Bekti and Nessy Luntungan R., to commemorate the 40th years of Hok-gie's death. The book tells about Hok-gie's last moment at Semeru Mount, a place where he was found dead on December 16, 1969, one day before his 27th birthday. So tragic. He's just too young to die.

This thick book (512 pages) also a compilation of many personal stories about Hok-gie written by his best friends (mostly his colllege friends at FSUI and Mapala UI), his admirers (among others: N. Riantiarno, Riri Riza, Mira Lesmana, Nikholas Saputra) and many more.

It's a rich book especially for young generation. If only young men can be influenced by Hok-gie's spirit, I am sure we can build a better Indonesia. Yes, this book successfully turns my mood to become a more patriotic person.

This book also fulls of Hok-gie's beautiful poems and his articles that already published in many newspapers. From a lot of writings in here, my favorite is a letter made by Kartini Sjahrir, a very close friend of Hok-gie, her letter is so personal, so honest, touching, but at some parts are very funny.