"When was your happiest moment in life?"

"The happiest time in my life were those first few years of marriage to your grandfather. I was happy because I had a family on my own. I had a husband. I had children. I had never dared to dream that I would be allowed to have any of those things in my life."

(said author's 96-yr-old-grandma when asked about her happiest moment in life)

Committed is the continuation of Eat, Pray, Love, a memoir written by Elizabeth Gilbert. This books tells about her relationship with Felipe, a Brazilian guy, as stated in last part of Eat, Pray, Love. Since they both have terrible experiences of divorces, therefore they agree not to formalize their relationship into a legal marriage. Unfortunately, the US Government's interference put them into 2 (two) options, they could either get married or Felipe would never be allowed to enter America again.

This condition makes Gilbert's fear of matrimony gets more and more. She finally decided to 'explore' the marriage term. Over ten months, she and Felife wandered across South East Asia while waiting for the US Government's permission to return to America and get married.

Here we go, Gilbert's story --through contemplation, historical study and a lot of conversations with every person she encounters along the way-- to make peace with marriage before she entered its estate once more.

I love Eat, Pray, Love better since Committed is a bit serious and tiring with many theories about marriage. Reading all the terms, theories, opinions, experiences, etc about marriage put 'marriage stuff' seems so complicated. So many things to consider.

I am not saying that marriage is just a small yet simple matters, of course it needs certain preparation. If I looked back and recalled my own story of meeting my hubby, it's just a simple story, one day, a friend introduced me to her best friend, we met each other and 2 (two) weeks later (yes, it took only 2 weeks), he proposed me and I said yes and we're suddenly busy preparing the wedding arrangement. 7 (seven) months later, we held a simple wedding party and thank God, this year is going to be our 8th wedding anniversary. Dear Lord, sometimes I think it's just so unbelievable. I know, I am lucky.


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