Oooppss...Time Flies

Yes...time flies. Real fast. We have to move faster otherwise we can't catch it up and left behind without nothing. I just realize that today's already the 19th day of Ramadhan, ehm...Lebaran is getting closer, no wonder Jakarta traffic jam is getting worse. Especially this weekend since most people already received the Lebaran allowance aka THR and of course they can't stand the urge to go shopping.

This Ramadhan is really different. After 14 years always had breakfasting here, there and everywhere, i.e. in the office, in the train station, in the train itself (mostly) or in angkot with favorite menu a bottle of ice green tea and a plastic of gorengan and had very rare opportunity to have breakfasting at home unless on weekend. Finally this year I receive a great blessing to embrace a peaceful Ramadhan at home with my petite family. What a great blessing. Thank God. I am lost in words.

Now during Ramadhan, I have special activities with my girls, every afternoon, after taking a bath, we always walk along our housing complex and find out that some of my neighbors suddenly becoming tajil sellers. It's so fun not only to choose what tajil for today, but also this special moments with my girls are priceless. I lost a lot of magic moments with them all this time. And realizing that time flies, whoaaaa...I wish I could turn back time.

At the end, again and again, I am so grateful with my life now. Thank God, I am still given the opportunity to spend the beautiful moments with my girls and my family as the whole. It's true, the more you are grateful, the more blessing will come to you. However, there is also one different thing to be noted this year which is no more THR for me *sigh*.

Between the Assassinations

I once enjoyed Aravind Adiga The White Tiger a lot. No wonder it's awarded the Man Booker Prize in 2008. I have great expectation when I purchased and started to read this book. The setting is almost similar with The White Tiger, in India, telling about people there with their frustration against the discriminations of castes, religions, and status.

In Between the Assassinations, Adiga created a fictional Indian city called Kittur and he eyed the life of people there within 7 (seven) days. So, you'll find 12 (twelve) different stories from different people. I thought that at the end of the book these 12 stories will meet, but it turns out that all these stories aren't related. seems that this book is only an anthology of 12 (twelve) short stories that made during the period of Indira Gandhi assassination in 1984 and his son, Rajiv Gandhi assassination in 1991. Nothing more. I absolutely love The White Tiger more than this one.

Warna Tanah 1

A very beautiful graphic novel made by Kim Dong Hwa, a Korean author/artist. This story is just too beautiful, I am speechless. Enjoying every page of it, the drawing, the story, and all.

It is a story about Ehwa, a little girl and her single mother who live in rural Korea. It's started when Ehwa just 7 years old and along with the coming of the rainy season, she turns into a young lady. Ehwa and her mom, both grow and change. However their strong-mom-and-daughter-relationship make them supporting each other in facing the world and their surrounding that sometimes not too friendly to them.

The author, Dong Hwa, describes these women lives with rain and flowers as metaphor. Therefore you will find a very poetic graphic novel. This is more like a poem than a graphic novel. And I also amaze to find out that a male writer can capture woman's emotion and attitude so accurate.

Warna Tanah 1 (The Color of Earth) is the first from the trilogy. Hopefully PT Gramedia PustakaUtama will translate all. I just can't wait for the 2nd book, Warna Air .

Happy Birthday, Ayah

Dear Ayah,

It's your birthday,
I know

but somehow I feel
like I'm the one getting the present....
another wonderful year
of having you

to love.

Tons of loves, hugs & kisses,

Mama, Najla & Zea