Batik Shirt Collection

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What I Love about Inacraft 2011

A batik handbag has been in my wish list for quite sometime. Actually now there are a lot of batik bags sold everywhere, but it takes time to find the right one. Out of the blue I saw this chic green batik handbag somewhere in a crowded booth of Inacraft 2011. It was love at the first sight. I love batik. I love green color. What a perfect combination *smile from ear to ear* :)


Bonsai is a different genre of novel. Written down by Pralampita Lembahmata and published by Gramedia on March 2011. It's not only a novel but it has more. It explores a complete history of Chinese people in Indonesia since long time a go. How they faced Dutch colonization, suffered during Japanese occupation, continued with some racial tragedy and still many more.

Although the novel is based on history but the author is good in telling the story. It is started from a Chinese family in current time and it will bring us back to the old time. Interesting. Despite feeling bored, you'll be curious to find out more about the book.

One thing to note is about bonsai, the mini plant. I just found out that bonsai is a special plant. It has high philosophy. It can live for hundred of years and can be inherited to your family. I remember there is a bonsai gallery nearby my home perhaps it's time for me to drop by very soon:)

Salute to the author and his (or her?) hard work of detail research. I just finished the book and felt full of new knowledge.

Our Kartini Today

It's April 21, a special day for my girls. They're ready to welcome Kartini day. Therefore we'd been very busy since early in the morning. Choosing the costume, applying the make up and all. Okay, everything's finally done, Najla with her Balinese costume while Zea prefered Baju Bodo. They're so eager to wear something different today. Here they were, arrived at school, mingled with their friends and ready for a joyous carnival. Have fun, girls. Happy Kartini day, everybody!

Tetralogi Sisi Lain SBY

Finally the tetralogy is complete. Started with the first book, Pak Beye dan Istananya, continued with Pak Beye dan Politiknya, then Pak Beye dan Kerabatnya and lasted with Pak Beye dan Keluarganya. There is also another book Pak Kalla dan Presidennya. All is written by Wisnu Nugroho, a Kompas Journalist. Books that tell about our President and ex Vice President from different angle. Interesting.

Last couple days, I saw at Gramedia bookshop, there are many new books that seem similar with the above book, similar here refer to the topic and the title of the book but written by different author. Perhaps those new books are inspired by the the above successful tetralogy. It is always like that. One successful book will be followed by new book with similar topic. I guess I will not read it. I am done with our President's stories and ready to explore a totally new genre of book.

Quote of the Day

Tell me and I forget
Teach me and I remember

Involve me and I learn

(Benjamin Franklin)

Pic is Najla & Zea at Gramedia PIM

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata is a Swahili phrase and also a very popular song from The Lion King the movie. The meaning is "no worries". I Love this phrase. It is definitely right. No need to worry. No worries for the rest of the days. No worries in life.

Look at Zea's big smile, I am sure she has nothing to worry about. Hope that her smile is infectious. Moreover week end is coming. Let's celebrate it. Keep smiling people...^^

In A Strange Room

A haunting travelogue that is beautifully written by Damon Galgut. It's shortlisted for 2010 Man Booker Prize for fiction. A story about a guy, Damon (name after the author) who travels along Greece, India and Africa. You will find 3 different interesting stories. He meets many people along the journey, a handsome guy with unique character in Greece, clumsy backpackers in Africa and a woman who is struggling hard with her life in India. He travels with those guys and builds relationship with them. Unfortunately all the journeys end up as disasters.

The combination of these three journeys at last change Damon's life. A life of a guy who is still searching for love and a place called home.

The author is a real masterpiece in describing people feeling. The despair, dissapointment, anger, and all gloomy feeling are conveyed in a very detail way. I can feel it. This is actually a 'dark' book but a beautiful one. It will haunt you for days. One of the best book in 2011.

Already translated by PT Elex Media Computindo in 2010. A must read book.

Dunia Alice

What would it feel to be an immigrant in Australia? This is one of the memoir of a Cambodia girl in Australia. Written in a vivid way by Alice Pung (the original title of this book is Unpolished Gem but Penerbit Bentang changed it into Dunia Alice) we'll find many interesting stories here.

Alice parents are Chinese who immigrated to Cambodia then fled to Australia as asylum seekers. As immigrant, they sure need time to adapt with their whole new life. There are a lot of surprises there. Alice told them in a witty way, how her grandma and parents were so amazed to see many great things in Australia compared to their former life in Cambodia.

But being an immigrant does not always mean bed and roses, they also face problems, such as the cultural shock and also the language. For old people like Alice's grandma and mother, it's really hard to learn new language as English language. They tried and failed. This language difficulties lead to many problems. Even for Alice as a young girl, she felt it's hard to grow up in a new country. She's sometimes confused and felt trapped between her mother's thoughts and her desire to be like a 'normal' girl just like her Australian friends.

Already translated by Penerbit Bentang on February 2011. Awesome debut. Informative and at the same time entertaining.

I Felt in Love with Life

On the day I met you
I didn't fall in love with you
I felt in love with LIFE

Happy 9th wedding anniversary, Ayah

quoted from Shirley Valentine the movie

Thanking God

For my 1st anniversary as a full time mom
For making me firm in deciding what I really want in life
For a great moment to finally say goodbye to my 14 years of working experience
For telling myself that this is real, yes no more deadlines, meetings, reports, targets, business plan, etc
For enjoying 24/7 with my girls
For the opportunity to go back to campus, to give lecture and to have a great time with my students
For the opportunity to try my luck on my batik online shop
For the opportunity to do the thing I like
In short for all the blessing bestowed upon us
Life is good
Never better

Pic was taken at The Kiosk, Braga City Walk, Bandung with my ex-colleagues.