A Birthday Surprise

Teacher Ely, Najla's teacher had her birthday on 11th January (last Sunday). Since a month ago Najla and her classmates had already been busy preparing for a birthday surprise. They collected some money to buy a birthday cake. Others prepared a birthday card and also some presents. 

Although they are only grade 4 students but I guess they are already very good in keeping a surprise until the d-day. Yesterday, Najla asked me to take her earlier to school since she and her classmates would prepare for all necessary stuff related to the birthday surprise.

Not long after 9 am, teacher Ely posted at whatsapp group mentioning that she's speechless and very much touched by her students attention. I am sure this is one of her best birthdays ever. So proud of Grade 4 Belarus students and happy birthday to Teacher Ely, wish you nothing but the best!!!!

#all pics are courtesy of Teacher Ely.