Eka Kurniawan

A friend recommended me to read Eka Kurniawan's works. She said it's a page turner. Well..since I don't find many Indonesian good books lately thus I finally decided to follow my friend's advice. I found three novels written by Eka, Cantik Itu Luka, Lelaki Harimau and Seperti Dendam, Rindu Harus Dibayar Tuntas. He also wrote down several short-stories compilation. 

And yes, Eka's a genius. I feel like reading a world-class-novel. The themes, the plot, the strong characters, the wording and everything are just beyond everything. Once you starts reading it, you will find it's unputdownable. You just want to stop doing anything else and cuddling up in your coach to finish dealing with the story.

To date I still feel that Pramoedya Ananta Toer is the best Indonesian writer. No other Indonesian writers can beat his works especially the Tetralogy Pulau Buru, it's definitely a masterpiece. Under detention at Buru island with limited facility and stressful condition, Pram was still able to finish his awesome works. A deep bow. Now I found Pram's style in Eka Kurniawan's writing. Not only Pram, also Ahmad Tohari, even Kafka, Marquez and many more influences that makes Eka's work is stunning. 

His masterpiece Cantik Itu Luka has been translated into Japanese and Malaysia and soon will be released in English. A must read.

Find more about Eka Kurniawan's website here.