70th Independence Day

Courtesy of Tr. Sonya
I am always excited on commemorating our Independence day. I know most of us (i.e. the 80s generation) still do it the old way however it never makes me bored.  I just love the laughter, the fun, togetherness and everything. Nothing beats the spirit. 
Courtesy of Tr. Sonya
One of the things I love from Najla and Zea's school is they always celebrate the independence day in the old way. Yes…it's tarik tambang, makan kerupuk, balap karung, etc…you name it. I am glad that the teachers introduce this ritual to the students. Although it's just simple games yet they might learn lots of positive things on sharing, supporting and of course the fun itself.   
Today, the students, the teachers and even parents were invited to join the flag ceremony at the school yard.  I joined them without any hesitation. It turned out that lots of parents were also interested to be part of the ceremony. I guess all of us need to bring back those childhood memories for a moment. Yep..got the warm-nostalgic feeling already and send the best wishes for our country, Indonesia, happy 70th independence.