Holiday Recap

As usual the girls are already on their school holiday while their parents are still busy fulfilling all works before end of year. Since our domestic helper is also taking leaves and went back to her hometown so the girls are with me here and there, to the workplace, the meeting, the teaching, the dating with friends and closed by malls to calm them down.

Hubby's cousin had an engagement a couple weeks ago in Bandung. I know Bandung in school recess  would be unbearable with the traffic and the crowd thus finally I decided to stay in Mason Pine Hotel at Kota Baru Parahyangan and stayed away from Dago and Lembang hustle bustle. 

I guessed I made a right decision since the hotel turned out to be awesome. The girls love the atmosphere and their favorite part is the olympic size swimming pool.  Zea is really into swimming now finally ...after she successfully took swimming lesson.

And other activity that we did yesterday was visiting Amped Trampoline Park in Kelapa Gading. I've been heard about this place quite sometime and finally had a chance to visit it. The girls were also super excited. I bought the one-hour ticket and promised the girls that they could extend the hour if they're still strong enough. However after one hour, the girls said it's ENOUGH. Jumping on trampoline for one hour non-stop turns out to be EXHAUSTING. 

Still...the girls said that they love the trampoline and would love to go back there soon. Hear...hear...let's do it again the future. Now, mom just wants to lay down and read good books:)

Winter in Tokyo 2016

Tokyo in winter. A well-maintained city. Friendly people everywhere even the language barrier is not an issue anymore. The warm feeling in the cold weather. Feeling safe to be all alone, wandering around at night and getting ready to get lost in translation. Nothing to worry about since there's always someone who easily helped you wholeheartedly.

ANELLO Backpacks are EVERYWHERE (with affordable price)
Just realized that  it's really nice to explore a country with very low criminal rate. I remembered my trip to Europe last March, I got lots of warning about the pickpockets (especially in the city which are full of tourists such as Paris and Rome), and this criminal issue really made me tired. Tired of always staying alert. Tired of worries and all.

Souvenir Shop at Asakusa Temple area
The Beloved Hachiko
But Tokyo is totally different. It does steal my heart. No wonder if it's considered as one of the safest cities for solo female traveler.

Hakone, View  from the Cable Car
I left this city with a promise that...I shall return.