Magical Morocco #1 (Chefchaouen)

The best  breakfast ever with olives, jams, honey, orange juice  and mints tea. 
My plan to visit Morocco has been set up since a year ago. I even had discussed this trip with my late father and he eagerly (as usual) supported me to go plus asked me to buy a red fez or  tarboosh (Moroccon hat). Eleven days before my trip, my father was hospitalized. I thought I'd cancel my trip since I couldn't imagine if something happened to him and I was not around.  But I guess my father and God had a conspiracy to make one of my bucket lists fulfilled. Four days before the trip started, my father passed away.
Aladdin Shop is the best shop for all organics goods, these are solid soaps.
So this trip was full with a mixed feeling. Enjoying the trip and a new friendship a lot however the empty feeling came when I returned to Jakarta. Usually after returning from my trip, I always dropped by at my father's house, reporting the trip, delivering the souvenirs and showing him all the pictures's different now. Well...time is a healer. I am sure this too shall pass. Insya Allah.
The man with the hat is the owner of Aladdin Shop that will explain wholeheartedly about face cream, soap, spices, etc.
Back to the trip, I spent two weeks just to explore Morocco. I went to five cities in Morocco therefore I will divide my Morocco post in five parts. This trip was kind of backpacking therefore we used all kinds of public transports such as bus and train and spent eight until twelve hours on the road. The journey started from Jakarta-KL-Doha(Qatar)-Casablanca(Morocco). After flying for almost 18 hours, we finally landed in Casablanca. Not even got our full consciousness yet but we just hurriedly got into taxi and spent (shockingly) almost seven hours on the road.
Still at Aladdin Shop: The Solid Perfume
Our first destination was Chefchaouen also known as the Blue City. Chefchaouen is one of the  old cities in Morocco built in 1471. Located in Rif Mountains, this city is well known for its building which mostly painted blue.

Some said that this blue color is to avoid the mosquitos since the mosquitos don't like blue color like clean water.  Others associated  this blue color with Jew refugees who came in 1930s. The Jews considered blue color as a symbol of sky and heaven, something spiritual.

After spending 18 hours on the plane and packed in the car  within seven hours, arriving in this Blue City was such an oasis for us. A small yet intimate local house to stay, fresh yet super yummy breakfast, kind local people, almost all of them welcomed us with the greetings of Assalamualaikum, unique merchandises with a very affordable price, and the good looking local people, both male and female, their looks are a combination of several races such as Arabic and European,  what  a perfect combination.

Good food, warm people and beautiful surrounding, what else could I ask for more?