Eid Mubarak 1438 H

It's another Eid Mubarak.
We still did the same things.
On the first day:
We performed the Eid praying in the nearby huge soccer field.
Enjoyed ketupat and all its yummy yet fatty rendang, opor ayam, sambal goreng ati, and the like.
Got together with the family, siblings, cousins, and all.

While on the second day:
Visited my hubby's family in Lampung

Yes...all seemed the same. 
Similar ritual from year to year.
But one thing is not the same anymore. 

 We couldn't see our beloved parents whom we usually shared the joyous and peaceful atmosphere during blessed Eid.
No more parents whom we asked for apologies,
It's the fourth year, Eid Mubarak without our Mom.
And certainly the first time without you, Dad.

No worries, we're doing okay here (at least we tried). 
We just miss you.

Wish you both the greatest blessed Eid there, in heaven.

Love from us. 
As always.