Books with Illustration, Quotes, and Such

Several researches show that Indonesian people are not into reading books. It is referred from the data of reading interest that is quite low or we can also simply just check the bookshop, even in a big bookshop like Gramedia, nowadays I saw at cashier that people mostly bought stationery or other stuffs instead of buying  books. 

No wonder that bookshop must do something to SURVIVE. I noticed that one of my favourite bookshops, Gramedia PIM, now has a cafe inside its bookshop. While the stuffs sold there also having more variation, I found some outdoor activities equipments, shoes, even head scarf aka hijab. There is nothing wrong about it. As long as books are still there and these new stuffs are still in line with the business, well...just go ahead. By the way, I am happy with the cafe since I can just sit there, order my favourite drink and drown in my new book. 

Other trends that I notice in the bookshop is the books form. If in the old days we only have novel or comic but now you can easily find lots of books with beautiful illustration, quotes, variation of colours, and all. These illustrated books will really help people that not into thick books, at least when they are bored with the texts then they can just focus on the illustration and vice versa.

The following are illustrated books that I recommend for your year end holiday, check them all:


You know Diana Rikasari right? She's one of the most creative and popular fashion bloggers. Although I am not into fashion especially Diana's style that sometimes too bright (although it is always looks good on her) however I always love the way Diana writes. From her writing I learned that she's really a hard worker, humble and very true to herself. Respect.

These #88LOVELIFE consists of three books. Diana divides it into Part One about 88 Thoughts on Love and Life, 2nd book is about Passion and the last book is about Priorities.  Each book is enriched with some thoughts, quotes, illustration, stickers, postcards, and all are in colourful ambience. Simple writing with deep meaning. A mood booster.  

Stories for Rainy Days#1 and #2
& Things and Thoughts I Drew When I was Bored 

Stories for Rainy Days  #1 and #2 are kind of novels that are written down in a beautiful way by Naela Ali. It's actually a romance. Boy meets girl. Fall in Love. Broken Heart. Such a cliche however you will enjoy it. Naela with her simple yet magic words and illustrations will fascinate you, force you to finish the book  and  can't wait for the ending. 

This serial is quite successful. Book #1 since it was launched on May 2016, now it has reached the  sixth printing in August 2017 while Book #2 since the first printing on February 2017, currently has had the fourth printing. 

If you love raining, music, touching  love story that can warm your heart, this is the ONE. 

Other book by Naela is Things and Thoughts I Drew When I was Bored, this book is  more on random stuffs that came to Naela's head  and then transformed into writing or drawing. Interesting still. 

69 Things to be Grateful about Being Single by FEBY INDIRANI Illustration by Emte

From its catchy title, you can guess what the book is about. The special thing about this book is the awesome illustration for every topic of the book. Kudos to the illustrator, Emte, he can put the wording into perfect illustration. Love it.  

It's time for you to choose, which book is perfect to accompany you during the holiday?