The Undomestic Goddes

Chiclit? Yup, I know it's so........ not me. A friend of mine insisted me to read the books of Sophie Kinsella. She said this is different. The stories are funny and smart. She even borrowed me her book of "A Confession of A Shopaholic". Ok...ok....I reluctantly read it and couldn't stop it and kept 'cekikikan' and kept saying 'gue banget'.

Then, I went to Gramedia, saw this book "The Undomestic Goddess" and also there's a 20% discount, don't laugh, I bought it. I had to put aside Haruki Murakami's book and started reading this book and enjoyed it very much.

The book is about Samantha, a lawyer in a big law firm in London. She's very busy with her jobs, no time for fun since she has a dream to become a partner in the law firm. Until one day, she makes a mistake that cause a big disaster. It wrecks her career.

She feels depressed. Going on a train and arrives in the middle of nowhere. She accidentally starts a totally new life as a housekeeper. She meets a great guy. They fit each other and finally live a happy life. So simple. What a nice story.

One of my dreams to become a full time mom suddenly emerges after finishing this book. Just like Samantha, I also want to enjoy my life. Enjoy the sunrise, the flowers, feel the fresh air, the weekends, play with my two-lovely- children, not annoyed by the meeting, the drafting, the reviewing, the auditing, and all other ing-activities. After 12 years dealing with all these stuffs, is it the time to leave it all behind and simply become a domestic goddess?????