(More) Movies Review

Again, more movies from my dusty DVDs collection. The first one is Cache (Hidden), a 2005 France movie. A very creepy movie. The lead character here is Georges who receives packages containing videos of himself with his family shot secretly from the street and alarming crayon drawing whose meaning is obscure. He has no idea who maybe sending him.

Gradually, the tapes are getting more personal, suggesting that the sender has known Georges for sometime. Just like France movies, the movie moves a bit slow but it is still enjoyable since it makes us too curious to find out the ending of the movie.

The second movie is Elegy. A 2008 movie. Talking about love and special relationship. A 70-yr-old lecturer (Ben Kingsley) falls in love with his 24-yr-old student (Penelope Cruz). Their love stories are not a happy one. They face the ups-and-downs of love life. Problems here and there. Not only due to their more than 30 years difference of age but also many other things, i.e. their way of thinking, their beliefs, etc. A magnificent love story. Deeply touching.