......buku ini adalah tentang Anda. Tentang kita. Tentang betapa indah dan berharganya menjadi manusia dalam waktu kita yang sangat terbatas di atas bumi ini.

Aku merayakan saat kita bersama sekarang, hidup adalah traveling terbesar.

Second book written by Marina S. Kusumawardhani after the first one Keliling Eropa 6 Bulan Hanya 1000 Dollar. This time Marina tells about her journey around India and Thailand. But, don't get it wrong, this is not an ordinary travel books that now scattering in almost all bookshops. As written down in the cover of the book, this is A Journey to India and Thailand in Searching a Heaven on Earth. Yes, Marina's journey has changed her life forever.

Marina is a special girl. Imagine, just to realize her dream of visiting India, she saved her money for 2 years and finally at the age of 18 with Rp 7 millions from her saving, she headed to India all alone.

And the journey to find the heaven on earth began from Himalaya, Kashmir, Gangga River and remote beaches in Thailand. She met many interesting people and asked them many questions about God, religion, life, etc. At the end she concluded that to find the heaven on earth, one must purify him/herself, asked ourselves, who am I. I know this is not a simple book. Despite info on alternative places to visit, we will also need to concentrate and 'enjoy' Marina's discussion with the people she met on the journey. So, where is it exactly the heaven on earth? Could Marina find it?

If you want to read a travel book with differrent 'tone', this is it. Published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama on June 2010.