Prisoner of Tehran

A memoir of Marina Nemat, a Russian girl, who grew up in Iran during Iranian Revolution in 1970s. Her story reminds me of Marjane Satrapi's memoir, Persepolis. But, if Marjane was sent out of Iran by her parents during the revolution, not for Marina, she stayed there and experienced horrible moments.

As a Christian girl, it's absolutely not easy for her to grow up during that moment. Later on, after complaining about her maths lessons being replaced by Islamic studies, Marina was arrested late one evening. She was taken to Evin, a notorious prison where interrogation and torture were part of daily routine. Marina was sentenced to death at the age of 16.

Her fate was changed when a prison guard saved her from bullet but on the other hand asked her a shocking request: to marry him and conversion to Islam. Finally, Marina left the prison and began her new life as a wife. But, once again, something happened and changed her world forever, her husband was killed by his rival factions. Marina once again returned to Evin. Lucky her, after more than 2 years at Evin, with her father-in-law hard effort finally she was released and went back to her family.

Reading Marina's experience put me into deep grief, I do feel sorry for her to lose her childhood and lead a normal life. However I admire her courage, her wisdom and her fight to save her integrity and family. It's really an extraordinary tale of faith and survival. I could not put the book down.

This memoir has been translated into 13 languages and soon will be adapted into a movie. While Marina now lives in Canada with her husband and their 2 sons.


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