A Little Girl in a Blue Hat

Zea and and her classmates have a routine activity called home-visit. It's a visit to one of their classmates' home. They do lots of different things there such as studying, playing, enjoying break and lunch and of course having fun together. They also will have a kind of souvenir to bring home. Usually it is a handmade craft. Just a simple craft but as they make it themselves, it leaves them with a huge pride.

A couple days ago Zea went home with a very happy face. She said she just made a super-cute hat. She hurriedly opened her backpack and showed me the hat. Yep..it's quite cute baby however I think she put too many ornaments on the hat (okay, this is too serious comment for a six-year-old girl therefore I keep this comment by heart..lol). Until to date the blue hat is still claimed as her favorite hair accessory. It's still there on her head day and night. Enjoy the hat sweety!!!