Anak-anak Revolusi: Buku 2

Author: Budiman Sudjatmiko
Publisher: Gramedia
Publication date: April 2014
594 pages

I am not really into politics. Although I always keep myself updated with some political news but it's all only for the sake of  knowing what's going on in our beloved country and also other parts of the globe. But the latest issues on presidential election is absolutely not my things, in fact I feel fed up looking  at the black campaign over other president candidates, the unfair coalition, the conspiracy and the like. 

The reason why I continue reading the sequel of Budiman Sudjatmiko's memoir is to know what exactly happened on President Soeharto's  last days before he was toppled down. As usual this book took me on another interesting life story. The life of a rebel, an activist, a convict (3,5 years in jail), an overseas student, the process until becoming a parliament members, the inspiring meeting with some Latin America presidents, attending Obama's inauguration, assisting and supporting victims of land conflict, and most important part: romance, fall in love, broken heart, yes activist is also an ordinary human being who might be having galau moments, then getting married, and ...other bits and pieces, the struggle is still going on since life goes on, people move on. All in all life is all risks, take the risk than you'll learn about life. 

This Buku 2 is also as enjoyable as Buku 1 and tell you what the book is not finished yet, it has another sequel.'s worth the wait since there are not many books in Indonesia that telling the activist life as detailed as this one. Inspriring.