Anak-anak Revolusi

Author: Budiman Sudjatmiko
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Publication date: October 2013
Pages: 473

Berbagilah dengan orang lain yang kekurangan dan terancam kematian-kematian yang mengerikan, berbagilah dengan mereka bukan cuma makanan dan rumahmu, tapi juga lukisan-lukisan indah mimpimu. Tapi sebelum terlambat, jatuh cintalah jika memang di rasa perlu.

I heard Budiman Sudjatmiko's name during the chaos on July 27, 1996 tragedy. His name was on the newspapers, tv stations, everywhere. He and his party, Partai Rakyat Demokratik (PRD), were accused as the one behind the chaos and all the movement against the government. On April 28, 1997 he finally was sentenced for 13 years in jail.

This book is an intimate memoir that presented a heroic yet romantic story. Some people also consider this book as a 'white book' explaining about the condition during and post Soeharto's era from Budiman's perspective. 

Budiman started  the book with his  horrible childhood experience that kept haunting him for ages. It was a story about his grandpa's neighbor, Mbah Dimin, who committed suicide because feeling hopeless in paying his debt to cruel moneylenders. This moment really had a deep impact to little Budiman. As a boy who has intelligence beyond his age, he had many questions over everything. When he was only 12, he already thought about what kind of future that he must hold. He was still confused. He didn't know who to ask. 

"Aku juga tidak mau menanyakan ini kepada kedua orang tuaku. Bukan karena menyepelekan mereka, tapi paling-paling mereka anjurkan aku sekedar lulus sekolah dan jadi orang kaya yang baik-baik saja. Setelah itu, di ujung hidup kaya yang adem ayem itu aku diharapkan mati tenang karena sakit tua di sebuah ranjang rumah sakit mahal. Apa enaknya coba?"

See....his dangerous  ideas had already been there. Kicking his head. Never stopped. Until finally he realized that politics is his passion. He sticks to that until now. A truly inspiring life journey. Although it's about politics but do not worry this memoir is still easy to enjoy. Budiman's love story that was started during his detention was also one of interesting scene to spot. In fact I can't hardly wait for the sequel of the book (Budiman said in his twitter that it's still being edited) and found out the ending of the story. A must read.