Random Excitement

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

--Dalai Lama

Today I have a quite hectic teaching schedule. I have to  teach four classes  at two different places from 8am until 7 pm. I know it's not a friendly timetable. Nevertheless I still found happiness sneaked around here and there.  

A Red-Velvet-in-a-jar
During my afternoon break, out of the blue some of my students gave me this cute-red-velvet-in-a-jar. They said it's a thank you souvenir since they have finished their study here and are ready to continue their study abroad. Thanks a lot guys and good luck with your study.

A yummy Kwetiauw Penang at Malay Village
While preparing for my third class at other place and thinking how to beat Jakarta's traffic, suddenly my hubby who just finished a meeting somewhere in Thamrin area offered to pick me up plus to have a yummy lunch together. How can I say no to such a heavenly offer? Thanks, Ayah. 

Arrived at my next teaching venue and found out that one of the teachers there, Ms. Sigit already prepared a special dishes which are roti jala and lamb curry for us. According to Ms. Sigit, the food was made to welcome Islamic New Year. Ms. Sigit is one of senior teacher here. She's 73 but no one will notify that since she's so healthy with a younger look and tons of activities. Cooking always be her things beside sewing. Yes, she's our role model. Hoping that I could be as strong as her while I am 73 later. Thank you for the food, Ibu. Having a full tummy really  made our day. Teaching seems extremely exciting today.Sorry no pic for these special dishes since we're so busy gobbled up everything, hahaha..

People say that happiness is simple. It's here, there and everywhere. It's just a matter of mindset.