Sagarmatha (2013)

Director: Emil Heradi
Writer: Damas Cendekia
Producer: Abdul Manaf
Casts: Nadine Chandrawinata, Ranggani Puspandya

"..semua orang akhirnya akan sendirian."

Sagarmatha takes its name from Nepalese name for Mount Everest. Sagarmatha means "the Head in the Great Blue Sky". This Indonesia latest movie, Sagarmatha, is a road-movie about two best friends, Nadine Chandrawinata (Shilla) and Ranggani Puspandya (Kirana). They have been friends since their years back in college. They both have a dream to go backpacking to Nepal and India and climbing Mount Everest.

In Nepal and India these two best friends explore lots of things. Shilla's passion for writing and Kirana's love towards photography make a good combination until at last they decide to collaborate on a book project in order to document their trip. But also in this trip they both have their friendship tested. Either they both will make it or end it all here. The ending is quite twisted. In fact it changed my feeling towards the movie as a whole. Okay, no spoiler here :)  

I always love a road-trip movie. Some people will consider it is boring since the plot is usually a bit slow. But that's absolutely not a problem for me since I can spoil my eyes to see the beautiful trip along the way and enjoy the conversation. During a trip we might also identify a person real character. It all will show up. You can't hide it. No wonder if people say that having a perfect match for a trip is definitely not an easy thing.

What makes this movie special is of course the setting. India and Nepal are some exotic countries that having too many aspects to adore. Each place is just too good to be true. A picture perfect. Well...I guess this movie is worth to watch to welcome the weekend.