Pasar Seni Jakarta

A tote bag never fails to catch my attention!
We finally got the opportunity to visit Pasar Seni Jakarta on its last day. This routine program usually was held in Bandung but this year the organizer, ITB Alumni made it at Parkir Timur Senayan from  November 3-5, 2013.  As an art market, this program is full of awesome art activities, i.e.  art performance, painting exhibition, several unique constructions, activities for kids, and also lots of booths that provide many different products, etc.But perhaps since this is the first time, it seemed  that the visitors were not so many. I don't know either it's lack of promotion or it's a long weekend for some people and they prefer to go out of town.  

A unique bamboo ship
It's a free canvas, anyone can draw anything here
Since we don't have this kind of special program very often in Jakarta therefore I am so eager to take my girls there. Najla as I expected was super excited. With great enthusiasm she tried everything such as painting, climbing in the bamboo construction, taking pictures with many characters, seeing a bit here and there back and forth. While Zea as a book freak, had some complaints such as, "why is it so hot here, mom?" or "can I buy some more drinks?", or "when will we go to the book fair?" Yes, there's also a book fair in Senayan area today.

Fortunately the high spirit of Najla that kept asking her sister to join her finally worked. It's true, enthusiasm is contagious. They both finally were having so much fun.

A five-minute-sketch
A five-minute-silhouette
Before we left home, Najla asked me to drop by at a silhouette booth, she's curious to have her own silhouette while Zea was excited to have a five-minute-sketch by a very talented painter from Ubud. We ended the day with Betawi cuisine such as kerak telor and  es selendang mayang plus a cup of ice cream Gentong and not to forget several bottles of plain water. Yep, we're quite thirsty down there. Nevertheless it's one of our best day ever. Looking forward for more events like this.