Weekend, Rain and A Birthday Party

Last Saturday Zea was invited to a classmate birthday party. It's Miranti's 8th birthday. The party was held at a fancy restaurant Nanny's Pavillon. This is a beautiful place with a creative concept. The place is quite girly indeed. It is full of decoration and awesome knick-knacks. I think the girls will love it while the boys might.. break some delicate decoration. It's proven within a second. Not long after some boys arrived, a flower vas was broken. I saw that the resto manager turned a bit pale and directly instructed the waiter to keep all fragile decorations. That's even better. No wonder that most of kids birthday parties are celebrated at McDonalds or KFC.

Well…here they were, the happy-go-lucky Grade 2 students. The party's theme was Frozen. Everything was in blue, the birthday gown, the birthday cake, the cupcake, the milkshake..oopss..no it's chocolate or strawberry though.

It started to dark. 6 pm already. Rain still kept falling but it had no effect on these kids. They were busy running here and there. Screaming. Singing. All was mixed. Nothing could beat their happiness. And this happiness was infectious. I could feel it. Thanks kids.

**All pics are courtesy of Miranti's Mom.