Yes, I am 10

Exclaimed Najla this morning. Yes, our girl is celebrating her 10th birthday today. Before the D-day, we had a mother-daughter conversation as follows: 

Excited-Mama: "Kak, what do you want for your birthday, is it a birthday party? Special birthday cake or goody bag for your classmates?"

Najla said in a serious tone, "Ma, perhaps you forget, I am ten now. I don't want any birthday parties or goody bag for my classmates." 

Mama: "Ouch...sorry big girl, so is there anything Mama can do for your birthday?"

Najla: "Yes Ma, just buy me two birthday cakes, one for us at home and another one for my classmates."

Mama: " there any special image or theme for your birthday cake?"

Najla: "Ma, I am ten now, just buy a plain cake with my favorite flavor which is the avocado choco."

Never-give-up-Mama: "For your birthday cake at school, do you want to blow the candle (again) before you share the cake with your teachers and classmates?"

Firm-Girl-Najla: "No... Ma, blowing the candle is only done once at home." 

Desperate-Mama: "Okay, ten-year-old girl, such a loud  and clear request, well noted."

Therefore this morning  Najla had her birthday cake, blew the candle, munched her favorite avocado-choco cake and invited her grandpa and all cousins for a lunch gathering at RM Bumi Aki, Bogor.

Anyhow happy 10th birthday, big girl. We love you as the moon and back.


ferina March 4, 2015 at 5:15 PM  

happy birthday, Najla. Semoga tercapai semua cita2nya, dan jadi kebanggan orang tua

riana March 5, 2015 at 9:35 PM  

aminnnn….untuk doanya, thanks ya auntie ferina :))