Weekend Project with Clay & Good Food

Najla just got a new school assignment. This time she must find an interesting place to visit nearby her house and with the help of parents, she must videotape the place and prepare the narration of the place. She asked me what the the best place could be. I offered her two options, either UI or Rumah Keramik F. Widayanto. She chose the last one. Thus last weekend, we visited this awesome place, Rumah F. Widayanto at Tanah Baru, Depok.

This was our second visit. I had taken the girls here on their school holidays couple years ago. Last Saturday, we arrived there around noon, the place was quite and peaceful, as always. My hubby started to videotape Najla's activities.  She showed several awesome places such as the main house where F. Widayanto stays on weekend, it's called Rumah Keramik, the Souvenir Shop, Rumah Kayu for guests house, the restaurant and the final destination was the workshop where you can create everything you want with the clay. 

An assistant will help you working with the clay. The breeze and the peaceful ambience will definitely embrace us. Our Rp 10.000,- entry ticket can be exchanged with a glass of fresh cold tea plus a yummy fried banana which will be delivered to accompany us during our clay making. It's just perfect.

Finished with the clay, the girls said they're hungry. We headed to the restaurant. They provide many tempting traditional food and drinks. The girls chose fried rice and mango ice while my hubby and I felt a bit full therefore we just chose light meal such as: serabi, fried cassava, fried banana (again!!! Tell you what the banana is super yummy) and rujak pengantin (kok banyak? katanya ga laper?). The project's done with a happy heart and a full tummy. 


alaya March 22, 2015 at 10:49 AM  

i've been here and i love the place :)

riana March 23, 2015 at 6:01 PM  

@alaya: yep…this is our 2nd visit & we still love it as always :)