The Piano Concert

"I am so nervous", said Zea
At the back stage, waiting for their turn: nothing but nervous
Last Sunday my girls, Najla and Zea, had a piano concert at one of the shopping malls in Jakarta. This is the first concert for them. They greeted the concert with a mixed feeling. Excited yet nervous on the other side. But the show must go on. Even their mom also felt some butterflies were dancing on her stomach.

The Performance

I realize that my girls are not competitive-type. They are not interested to join any competitions. Particularly our little baby, Zea. Her school teacher once told me that everytime her classmates scream to get their turn for any stuffs  in the class, Zea just sits calmly in her seat ignoring the chaos around her. I also notice that Zea almost always the last student that leaves her class room. I asked her, "why do some of your classmates always come out of the class early?" Zea said, "usually teacher asks some questions and the one who can answer it may leave the class first." I was curious and predicted it might be Zea didn't know the answer. To my surprise Zea said, "I know the answer Mom, I am just too lazy to compete with others. Let just they go home earlier."   

The Ending: Happy Faces
Back to the piano concert. I know my girls therefore my reason to register them for the concert is I am an ambitious mother only to make them gain their confidence. Sometimes I found that both of them are a bit shy to new people. They both too involve to each other. They both have their own world thus at the time they are outside their world they feel awkward.  I think performing in front of lots of unknown people in a big mall is quite something. They're nervous at the beginning but they 're enjoying the moment. One of the best moments was when they got the trophy, the certificate and the lunch voucher (it's not a competition so all participants got them). They smile from ear to ear. I know those happy faces. Way to go, girls!!!