Home Sweet Anywhere

Title: Home Sweet Anywhere
Author: Lynne Martin
Translator: Endang Sulistyowati
Publisher: PT Pustaka Alvabet
September 2014
456 pages

Lynne, 73, and Tim Martin, 68, are ready for their retirement but instead of living in a cozy house in California surrounded by children, grandchildren and best friends, they chose to sell their house and see the world. They don't want to become a tourist but they want to stay in one place for at least one month to live, think and mingle as locals. Since 2010 they  have been reporting their journey on their popular blog HomeFreeAdventure where they share the rules of living 'home free'.  Lynne retired for a career in Public Relation while Tim retired from his job running a small electronic firm.

They decided to become a full-time traveller and live in the apartment for a month or so in different countries. They began their journey in Mexico where a friend agreed to lend them his apartment for free. A month later, they stayed in Buenos Aires for six weeks. They're back to US for a while to celebrate Thanksgiving and then flew to Florida and took a one-way cruise to Europe where they spent seven months hopping around France, Italy, England, Ireland and Portugal. 

Sickness must be one of the hardest issues for them thus they use Skype and FaceTime all the time. They also took computer classes before they started travelling to know how to manage their new Apple computer  and stay in touch with their family and friend.

A very interesting retirement story. Inspiring us to live a healthy life and do a great saving and finally enjoy a great life in lots of different places in the world.