2014-- Siapa Di Atas Presiden?

Directed by: Hanung Bramantyo, Rahabi Mandra
Produced by: Celerina Judisari, Hanung Bramantyo
Written by: Ben Sihombing, Rahabi Mandra
Casts: Ray Sahetapy, Atiqah Hasiholan, Deddy Sutomo, Donny Damara, Maudy Ayunda, Rio Dewanto

Looking for some new genre of Indonesian movies? Getting sick already of those comedy and horror movies? So..go watch 2014 the movie. You will be thrilled and realise that politic has never been easy. Don't worry, it's not a serious movie that will make you have a  spinning headache.  In fact this is a political thriller movie that simply delivers a very good education for all of us. 

If you think politic is complicated, complex and even boring, I am sure you will get a new insight after you watch this movie. Moreover it will open your heart and mind that politic is never black or white. There's a grey area there. The conspiracy, the manipulation, the murder, the trap, the integrity, parents-children relationship and also a love story are parts of the movie that will make your eyes wide open to realise what exactly happens on the current political condition in Indonesia.  A must watch.