The First Phone Call from Heaven

Author: Mitch Albom
Publisher: Sphere (1st ed. November 2013)
Pages: 312

You have to start over. That's what they say. But life is not a board game, and losing a loved one is never really "starting over." More like "continuing without."

Started with Tuesday with Morrie, Mitch Albom successfully captured my heart. I read all his books over and over and he always leaves me speechless with excellent ending. The First Phone Call from Heaven is Mitch's 6th book. This is  a kind of mystery/thriller book with unexpected twists and turns that keep things moving and make the readers too curious to stop the reading.

One morning in a small town of Coldwater, Michigan, the phones start ringing. The voices say they are calling from heaven. Does the greatest miracle happen? Or is it only some cruel hoax? As the news spreads, outsiders flock to Coldwater to be a part of it. Some are for it, others are against it. A quiet and peaceful small city turns into a crowded one, full of strangers.

As usual the author is very good in telling the details. Each character receiving a phone call and how they react are portrayed sympathetically. Moreover the description on how the town handling the effect, emotional and spiritual of these phone calls delivered vividly. Even the history of Alexander Graham Bell,  the inventor of the telephone is incorporated here. This Bell's story turns out to be very touching. A story about faith and love.

One of the best book to end 2013. It will keep the readers see life differently and appreciate those you love even more. Besides It might leave us thinking, feeling and even wondering, if only we have the chance to receive the phone call from heaven, who might it be?