Birthday Stories

The idea came out when Haruki Murakami read stories about birthday and he felt haunted about them. Then he began to think to collect short stories related to birthdays and put them in one anthology. He never thought that it's going to be hard to find the birthday stories, it turned out that not many authors talking about birthdays. Until he finally asked everyone he knew to assist him and inform him if they knew anything related to birthday stories. it is an anthology of 13 birthday stories written by 13 different authors (only one story written by Murakami). If we think that birthdays should be a great moment, not in this anthology, some are warm stories while others are quite dark. Since there are 13 different authors here, be ready for 13 different writing style. Not all stories are easy to read, some are a bit hard. My favorite of course Birthday Girl written by Murakami.

All in all it's brilliant to have this kind of anthology due to as Murakami said, "as long as the earth of ours continues to circle around the sun, your birthday will come around once a year, whether or not it gets reported on the radio, for you it will be a special day."