Sang Penari

Producer: Shanty Harmayn
Director: Ifa Isfansyah
Writers: Salman Aristo, Shanty Harmayn, Ifa Isfansyah
Casts: Nyoman Oka Antara, Prisia Nasution, Slamet Rahardjo, Landung Simatupang, Tio Pakusadewo, Lukman Sardi

Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk Trilogy is one of the best book ever. It's one of Ahmad Tohari's masterpiece. I read the book long time a go, back in 1980s. I still remembered that I was so amazed by the story and all the characters there.

Now here is the movie Sang Penari that is inspired by the book. It's not fair to compare those two different things. Book and movie are totally different media. Book can convey many detail element while movie must say its message within two hours. Moreover the director already said that the movie is not adapted from the novel, but only inspired. Therefore for those who read the book will find many different things in the movie although it's still fine.

The story was set back in 1953 in a small village, Dukuh Paruk. It's about Srintil and Rasus who had already known each other since they were kids. Later on love came between them. Things got complicated when Srintil felt that she had already been chosen as Ronggeng (not all women can be ronggeng) while Rasus disagreed. Upon his dissapointment, Rasus finally joined the army.

The story moved on to year 1965, the year of Communist uprising. At that time mass killing happened almost everywhere including in Dukuh Paruk. Srintil was also one of the victims and Rasus was in a query either to defend his corps or pursue his love story.

The book tells more on tragical moments over Srintil and Dukuh Paruk people whilst the movie focuses on the love story between Srintil and Rasus. Although the political issues also appear on the scene but still it's not as detail as in the book. Nevertheless I appreciate the people behind this movie. I thank them for giving me the chance to go to a theater and enjoy a good Indonesian movie among those setan-pocong-kuntilanak movies.