Pepustakaan Ajaib Bibbi Bokken

Translated from: Bibbi Bokkens magische Bibliothek
Author: Jostein Gaarder & Klaus Hagerup
Translator: Ridwana Saleh
Publisher: Penerbit Mizan
Gold Edition, 1st published on March 2011
282 pages

I am still exploring the magic works of Jostein Gaarder. This one is the best story talking about book and literal culture. As usual Gaarder tells the story from children point of view. The leading characters here are Berit and Nils, they are cousins that live in different areas. They keep in touch by sending letters. They call the letters a 'letter-book' which they send back and forth.

Once they met a strange woman who called herself Bibbi Bokken. One day Berit finds a letter that has fallen out of Bokken's handbag. The letter tells about a book she has which is to be released the following year. Berit and Nils are really curious to find out the writer of this strange letter. And the more they know about Bokken, the more mysterious she becomes. Berit and Nils realize that they are not only looking for a mysterious book but they also must try to find the magic library the book tells about. Their quest for the Bibbi Bokken magic library takes them on a journey of the world of books.

A comprehensive book that tells about detective story, mystery, treasure hunt, Astrid Lindgren, Dewey Decimal Classification, Winnie the Pooh, Anne Frank, love story, correspondence,writing theory, poems, book history, drama, conspiracy, and still more.

What I learned from this book is a huge love that Gaarder has through books. Only a person with this great love can write down this special story. The best book to date. A happy combination of suspense, humor and great wisdom. Definitely a must read.


ferina November 24, 2011 at 2:50 PM  

ini salah satu favoritku. soalnya gak terlalu 'memusingkan'.

abis ini, Dunia Sophie ya, mbak :)

riana November 26, 2011 at 9:52 AM  

@ferina: dulu aku kira ini buku anak2 dg genre fantasy, ternyata buku ini kerennnnn abiss, nyesel ga baca dari dulu :)

Dunia Shopie masih ditimbang2 (saking beratnya), mau baca Maya dulu deh :D