The Iron Lady

Director: Phyllida Llyoid
Writer: Abi Morgan
Casts: Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent, Richard E. Grant

An excellent movie of the life of Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, with the focus on the personal price she paid for power. In flashback we are shown Margaret Thatcher working in her father's grocery store and how she struggles as a young middle-class woman trying to break into male-domination.

Then look at how Denis Thatcher proposed Margaret to be his wife and how Margaret asked him that she did not want 'just' becoming a housewife. She said that life's only once and it must be meaningful than just washing and taking care of the children. I am touched by Denis' answer. He said that's why he proposed her because he's already known what she wanted in life. How sweet.

Being a Prime Minister is not an easy job to do. By 1990s Margaret Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister and it turned out that she is still angry and bitter twenty years later.

Her health condition is getting worse particularly after her husband passed away of cancer in 2003. She suffers of dementia (memory loss) and she has difficulty distinguishing between the past and the present. She said once that "Being Prime Minister is a lonely job. In a sense, it ought to be: you cannot lead from the crowd. But with Denis there I was never alone. What a man, what a husband, what a friend."

Two thumbs up for Merryl Streep. She is the greatest living film actress. She is an expert of performing the real-life character. I didn't see Merry Streep in the movie but it seems that it's just the real Margaret Thatcher. Awesome.