A Relaxing Wednesday

one of the beautiful bags from mytulisan collection

Yesterday a friend asked me to visit Subtitles at Dharmawangsa Square. Subtitles is a special place for movie addicts. It's a kind of private theater. They have lots of movies from all over the world and they rent their viewing rooms so we can have different atmosphere in enjoying our favorite movies. They open from 10am-10pm. You just go there and choose the movie from their catalogue or you also can bring your own DVD, after that you choose the viewing room. They have several different viewing rooms based on the capacity, bigger room for many spectators or smaller room for 2 persons. 

Actually my friend and I planned to watch Separation, an Iranian movie that won the Academy Award  as  the best foreign language movie in 2012 but it's just not our lucky day, the movie was borrowed, so we needed to change our plan and get other movie. After rechecking the movie catalogue and got confused with lots of movie collections there, finally we chose still an Iranian movie made by Marzieh Makhmalbaf, The Day I Became A Woman. It's a story about how hard being a woman in Iran. It tells three stories, each depicting a different stage in the lives of Iranian women. They all struggle for identity in Iran. A very impressive yet touching movie.

Finished with the movie, we then dropped by at one of  our favorite stores, mytulisan. This beautiful store and all its products are too good to be true and they easily make everyone fall in love.

Our date was closed with a yummy lunch at Radja Ketjil at Gandaria City. Their peranakan food never let us down. Well....our stomachs were full and so were our hearts, it's time to go home and smile for the rest of the day:)    


alaya May 15, 2012 at 7:01 PM  

dulu jaman masih single rajin banget ke subtitle.

suka banget sama tas mytulisan. tapi blm punya :p

riana May 16, 2012 at 9:23 AM  

@alaya: subtitle itu udah lama ya? baru minggu lalu akhirnya bisa mampir ke sana.

produk mytulisan itu memang menggoda mata & dompet:)