Hermes Temptation

Authors: Fitria Yusuf & Alexandra Dewi
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Publication Date: 2011

"Happiness doesn't come from the list of things that you own. It's what's in your hearts. I really believe and this is common sense , no one should sacrifice his or her dignity just for the sake of a bag."
A friend lent me this book and promised me that I would love it. What on earth could this book do to me? At the time the word Hermes hits me, all I can imagine is a luxury bag with unbelievable price.Therefore with a mixed of feeling reluctant and curious I started reading the book and at last found out that the story about Hermes bags could make me laugh and cry at the same time. 

The book is written based on the authors true stories. They both are re-sellers of Hermes bags. Here is their experiences while they are dealing with the luxury handbag resale business. It's all started on December 2009 when they made a BBM chat group named  Hermes Temptation and using it as a forum to sell new and secondhand bags. The chat group soon expanded to seven groups and today it has more than 210 members.

At first they did it just for fun. Later on they found out that these premium handbags can also be a good financial investment since if we keep the bag in excellent condition, a used bag can be resold at its original price. They decided to travel to Paris and purchase bags for re-selling in Indonesia. The adventure as the re-seller begins,  they are responsible to explain in detail the specification of  a bag to prospective buyers, ensuring the authenticity and setting up the delivery  so that the bag will be accepted by the buyer on time. It's definitely not a piece of cake!

The book tells about so many fun and crazy experiences while they are running the business. From day- to-day experiences and how the bag business has changed their outlook on life. How they notice that for certain people these Hermes bags are not only luxury items but also status symbols that can help them to cement their position in society. How pathetic!

The book is narrated in English and delivered in a detail yet witty way. It's not only a fun book but it also gives me certain new insights to ponder.