A Little Piece of Paradise

A couple days ago my yoga teacher asked me to accompany her to Bandung in order to find a proper place to do yoga practice outdoor. That's the reason why this morning I had already been in Cipularang toll road. The traffic was friendly since perhaps only us who were 'crazy enough' to visit Bandung on Monday morning instead of weekend. 

We headed to SanGria Resort in Lembang. At the moment we arrived there, we held our breath for a moment and felt a deep peaceful feeling. It's a beautiful place. Featured with a nice landscaped pool and cozy room with mountain view. You might also enjoy the views of Lembang valley here. It's a total refreshment for our mind, body and soul.

I plan to take Najla and Zea here. I am sure they're going to love the pool and the surrounding. Furthermore there is a strawberry farm next to this resort. I guess it's just a perfect getaway!