Opposite Attract

Najla and her all time favorite sport: swimming

Zea with her latest favorite book, Dongeng Shakespeare 

Let me tell you a story about two little girls
Najla, the big sister and Zea, the little sister
They are just like other girls, love pinky things, crazy about hair accessories and a huge fan of Barbie
They also have the same favorite food
Now they are really into grilled chicken
Before that they once were crazy about soto betawi
Every weekend or at any time we visit a restaurant, they always choose nothing but grilled chicken
Until Mama and Ayah wonder when their favorite food will change  
But their favorite drink will always be the same, hot sweet tea  

There is nothing in this world that exactly the same
Even twins have their differences
It also happens to Najla and Zea
The bigger they are, the clearer the difference shows
Najla is actually a social girl
She loves being with people
She's curious every time she meets new surrounding
While Zea is definitely a solitaire
She's getting tense every time she is around lots of people especially strangers

They both have their favorite 'me-time'
Najla chooses swimming as her all time favorite sport
Swimming pool is her heaven on earth
While Zea considers herself as a book freak
Her motto is never leave home without a book

Mama makes this second little note  just for both of you
To mark your eight and six years birthday
To make us realize how fast time flies
To make us more grateful towards our lives
Do you still remember the first note? It's here